Drone Registration: The FAA’s New Registration Rules

drone registration

FAA drone registration is a fairly new legal demand for drones weighing over .55 pounds. Although this law may annoy some hobbyists, registering drones is crucial for drone safety. Many unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have a video camera attached to them, which can be a serious hindrance to public privacy and safety.

Drone Registration in Action

drone registration

Irresponsible owners of these drones could spy on neighbors, plan theft, or record videos without the proper warrants. Though the bulk of drone owners is more mature than this handful, safety still must come first. In fact, the incidences of illegal video shooting with drones is constantly on the rise.

The FAA has realized the potential dangers of flying drones, which explains the new drone registration rules and drone registration requirements. Drone owners must register their UAVs online or in paper before the deadline, which is Feb. 19, 2016, for those who owned their drones before Dec. 21, 2015.

Those who obtained a drone after Dec. 21, 2015, will have to register it before their first outdoor flight. The FAA is only charging $5 for the drone registry, and that money will even be refunded if the drone is registered by Jan. 21, 2016.

In fact, more than 45,000 drone owners have now registered their drones online, and the number is only increasing. This number is a pledge to drone safety and responsible ownership.

The Future of Drones and Drone Law

drone registration

Because of the new FAA regulations, it is predicted that drone manufacturers may aim to build smaller and smaller drones to dodge the .55 lbs drone registration law. This would attract consumers who simply don’t want to register their drones.

However, this will likely become another hindrance to public privacy and safety. Smaller drones still have the capability to take pictures or record video illegally. If the number of these smaller and more capable drones increases, the FAA may be inclined to lower its drone size limit.

Drone technology is not any different from other recreational vehicles (jet skis, helicopters, boats, motorcycles, etc.). The owner must have a license and vehicle registration to legally use the device. Furthermore, all of the rules and regulations are only meant for public safety and privacy.

Similarly, U.S. drone registration means attaching an identification number to each UAV. The FAA drone registration lasts for three years, then it owners must renew it. Additionally, high fines are in place for those who do not register their UAVs. These unregistered drone owners may receive a fine of up to $27,500, and even three years of jailtime.

Some have accused the FAA of covering up these potential consequences, but most citizens agree that the administration is only trying to take the first step to better drone safety. As our expanse reaches from the land to the sky, the FAA is making much-needed changes to better regulate the vastness of these new aircraft vehicles.

Wrap Up

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drone registration