GoPro and Periscope Integration: The Future of Video Live Streaming!

GoPro Periscope live stream integration

A lot of adventurers and extreme outdoor enthusiasts such as the surfers, skiers, snowboarders, even the film enthusiasts are in hype after the Periscope announced its integration with GoPro camera.

Periscope, the live streaming video app has been the talk of the town since Twitter acquired it last February 2015. And now it became the hottest topic as Periscope live streaming with one of the best cameras is now possible thanks to this integration!

What’s the Scoop?

The Periscope and GoPro users can now sync their phones to the Periscope app called HERO4Black or Silver. The GoPro Periscope integration is said to recognize a GoPro camera whenever it choose what view suits their live broadcasting the best– either in iPhone or GoPro view.

This Periscope Streaming app offers a unique feature that lets you “freeze” the iPhone screen so the users can put it in their pockets without interrupting the live broadcast.

The GoPro camera will capture those video during the broadcast to your camera’s SD card. For now, the app is only available for iOS users. Hopefully, it will also be available in Android once the iOS app will become successful.

The merge of these two astounding technologies was indeed like a dream come true for our adventurers. It now gathered the attention of our outdoor and sports enthusiasts and had garnered positive reviews in the market.

“I’ve always loved extreme sports, and I love how GoPro can show us all of the crazy things these athletes can do,” said Periscope engineer and skier Pablo Jablonski. “Bringing these two technologies together has been the fulfillment of a longtime personal wish.”

GoPro and Periscope Video Live Streaming

There is no doubt that the future of live video streaming is now closer than ever. Several prestigious companies like Facebook, YouTube, Google+, etc have already introduced live streaming. Live streams effectively capture and retain the attention span of our audiences.

Now, they make it more exciting and thrilling as Twitter, Periscope, and GoPro camera entered the market. The future of video live-streaming and broadcasting is now within our hands!

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