Best Video Cameras to Buy in 2017

Many will say that video cameras are a kind of “blast from the past.” Large-sized gadgets, that previously recorded videos on large video cassettes. With time, the weight of the device decreased and the camcorder became a real assistant in shooting material; it could be taken with you everywhere. In our opinion, these gadgets undeservedly began to be forgotten because of lighter and more compact action cameras. But, still, there are fans of video cameras. And today we will talk about the best video camera of 2017 for beginners, for professionals, for zooming, and so on.

Let’s start our review of best video cameras with the fact that these gadgets have a number of advantages over smartphones and action cameras:

  • High quality of shooting
  • Perfect optics
  • Sensitive microphone, as well as the ability to connect external microphones
  • Zoom
  • Perfect image stabilization systems
  • High-quality LCD displays
  • Various outputs for outputting images and sounds directly on the TV screen
  • And finally, there is nothing better than feeling like a real cameraman!

Best Video Camera Overall: Panasonic HC-V760

This video camera from the Panasonic Company opens our today’s review. This gadget gained great popularity and deserved to be the “best all-around” video camera. The HC-V760 boasts a 20x optical zoom with a 4-drive lens system, the optical zoom is capable of reaching 60x magnification. The camera has a matrix BSI MOS 1/2.3” which shows excellent results. The built-in image stabilizer perfectly copes with its tasks. Your videos will not shake while shooting. At the maximum approach, you can turn on the function, which allows you to fix a frame in one place. It is very convenient when shooting distant objects. The weight of the device is 350 grams only.

Also, it has a large number of settings that allow you to get professional footage on such a mini-gadget.



  • Good zoom
  • Excellent sound and image quality
  • Presence of manual focus


  • Unreliable fastening of the battery
  • Not very responsive touchscreen
  • Poor-quality body

Best Video Camera for Beginners: Canon Legria HF R706

Canon is known not only for its DSRL cameras and for impeccable shooting quality. The video camera Canon Legria HF R706 can also be attributed to the budget devices. However, despite this, it has an arsenal of good characteristics. We note the responsive touchscreen, which is a pleasure to use – it reacts immediately after touching. The camera conveniently fits in the hand, it does not slip, but the location of the zoom lever is slightly inconvenient. Firstly, you need long fingers and secondly, you need to hold the camera, otherwise, the image will warp. There are 38 automatic modes for different types of shooting. The camcorder is very compact, it has a convenient menu and excellent shooting quality. This gadget is also one of the best video cameras for YouTube and the best video camera for everyday use.

best video cameraAdvantages:

  • Ease of use
  • Excellent Sound and Image Quality
  • Good Stabilizer
  • Light Weight


  • Quality of shooting in low light
  • Low battery volume

Best Action Camera 2017: GoPro Hero5

GoPro Hero5 is a compact and lightweight device that allows you to record videos with UHD 4K resolution and make 12-megapixel photos. It is very convenient to operate due to the use of bright full-color display and a multifunction button, as well as support for voice control.

Unlike most action cameras, GoPro Hero5 does not require the use of aquabox; its high-strength case withstands strong impacts, dust, dirt and splashes of moisture, as well as immersion in water to a depth of 10 meters. Additional protective accessories will be required only for the most extreme conditions.



  • Voice Control
  • Simple Button Operation
  • GoPro subscription
  • Improved video stabilization system


  • Weak configuration

Best Video Camera for Professionals: Sony Handycam HDR-CX900

This camera by Sony is the flagship among all cameras and one of the best video cameras on the market. Possibly, its price is quite high but if you want to use a camcorder to shoot professional videos, this device is for you.

Everything in this camera is designed to record Full HD video: a large backlit matrix (type 1.0) by Sony. We were impressed by the quality of the video camera, the modes of shooting and the gorgeous ZEISS lens – the best video camera lenses. Any captured video will look as if the operator made it with a century of experience. Of course, the device is not perfect, but it is quite suitable for a certain range of tasks. You need to feel what settings to set and to understand what to do in order to create a better frame.



  • ZEISS Optics
  • Professional video shooting
  • Backlit matrix


  • Essential skills and knowledge are needed for shooting

Best Video Camera To Take Traveling: JVC Everio GZ-R415

The hopelessly forgotten manufacturer of the best video cameras, JVC company continues to produce high-quality devices, as before. We believe, however, GZ-R415 is the best JVC video camera. A waterproof video camera with dust protection, shockproof, with 40x optical zoom, nice design, and many useful functions. You can take this camera anywhere and not be afraid that it will get damaged.

Konica Minolta lenses are built in the device, which always differ in their quality. We like the camera very much, the menu is convenient and has many pre-installed scenes. The battery allows continuous shooting for 5 hours. There is also a proprietary JVC system to reduce the noisy sound during strong wind.



  • Water resistance
  • Long-life battery
  • Konica Minolta lenses


  • Not detected

Best 4K Video Camera: Panasonic HC-VX980

This is one more camera from Panasonic in our review. If you want to keep up to date or want to buy a UltraHD TV, you should pay attention to it. The thing is that this video camera can shoot in 4K resolution. This is the most common modern format. And it is always possible to switch the mode from UltraHD to FullHD at any time. Convenient rotary display, excellent color reproduction, and the resulting videos are simply stunning.

This camera has very interesting Panasonic technology, which allows you to shoot from another device (for example, using a smartphone) and transfer this image to a video camera. The picture output from this second camera is superimposed over the main video frame, and the user can change the location of this window in the window by dragging it on the touchscreen.


  • Shooting in UltraHD resolution
  • Bright display
  • Convenient Menu
  • Leica Lens


  • Short Zoom
  • High Price


We have reviewed the best video cameras of 2017 for beginners, professionals, for YouTube, for traveling, and so on. As you can see, Panasonic is the leader in the industry. JVC have returned to the most popular video camera manufacturers thanks to GZ-R415, and GoPro remains the most popular action camera.

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