8 Ways to Make Your Beauty Tutorials Stand Out from the Crowd

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Makeup and beauty tutorials are dominating the Internet. In fact, beauty video views are increasing by 65% year over year on YouTube alone. YouTube beauty tutorials are not the only videos getting a lot of action, though. Beauty tutorials on Instagram and Facebook have been gaining a lot of attention, too.

As tutorials for beauty become more popular, an increasing amount of people want to start their own beauty tutorials online. With so many already on the market, if you want to make your own beauty tutorials in 2017, your videos must stand out from the crowd to get recognized. If you want to be listed with the best beauty tutorials on YouTube, then pay attention to the next ten tips to help your beauty tutorial videos gain a unique edge.

1. Choose a specific niche.

Trying to cover everything in your beauty vlogs is actually counterproductive. When you narrow your videos down to a specific niche or topic, the quality and creativity of your videos will attract audiences.

Niche ideas:

2. Make your videos short.

If you are a beginner, creating 1-3 minute long videos that add maximum value to your viewer will likely attract more followers than making 5-10 minute long vlogs. Making a one-minute video tutorial will definitely make your content stick out.

Short video ideas:

  • Edit your videos to speed up the footage and add in jump cuts.
  • Create a video series instead of jamming a lot of content into a single video.
  • Use text to share instructions instead of verbalizing them.

3. Interact with your audience.

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On whatever social platform you post your videos, liking or replying to comments in a positive way will give your channel some advantage over others who only see their viewers as numbers.

Audience interaction ideas:

  • Credit your next video idea to specific comments you received.
  • Follow back users who follow you.
  • Reply to direct messages or emails from your followers.

4. Give your audience fun ways to interact.

Include interactive polls within your videos. You can even experiment with interactive video. This will make your viewers want to come back for more because they do more than just watch your videos.

Poll question ideas:

  • What color of eye shadow do you normally wear?
  • What should I cover in my next video?
  • Which style of sweater is your favorite?

5. Put a twist on the tone of your beauty tutorials.

Almost all beauty tutorial videos are upbeat, feminine, and flowery. Instead, think about creating videos that express a more unconventional tone. This way, you will attract viewers who not only love your tutorials, but also connect with your channel’s unique style.

Creative tone ideas:

  • Comedic
  • Epic/Extreme
  • Political

6. Skip the traditional makeup.

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That’s right. Instead of encouraging viewers to use a certain brand or type of makeup, come up with creative makeup-free hacks. These types of videos don’t have to monopolize your channel, but throwing in some non-makeup ideas is an easy way to stand out.

Non-makeup ideas:

  • Homemade lip gloss with Vaseline and food coloring
  • What to do if you run out of foundation for the day
  • How to replace your traditional eye liner with charcoal

7. Include a text version of your tutorials.

Whether you are posting your videos on your blog or your Facebook channel, converting your video tutorial to text can help give your videos some traction. Not only will this boost your SEO, but it will solidify the tips and tricks you share with your followers.

Text ideas:

  • Blog post that expands on the video
  • Infographic
  • Step-by-step guide in video description

8. Add color.

Nothing brings more attention to the eyes than color. When it comes to beauty, you can make your channel pop by starting colorful trends. Including unconventional colors in the thumbnail of your beauty videos will also encourage clicks.

Colorful ideas:

  • Mint green shoes
  • Blue lipstick
  • Rainbow barrettes

Wrap Up

Becoming an influencer in the beauty world may be your biggest dream. Even though it may be a crowded space, don’t let this stop you from creating the best beauty tutorials on the Internet. However, no matter how good your content is, sometimes video quality is the key to generating more views.

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