Immortal Gadgets: Now Drones Can Temporarily Break and Collect Back

drone videography

Using a drone for marketing is now extremely popular. These devices are capable of shooting spectacular videos from a bird’s eye view. This is useful in drone marketing for real estate, the hotel and restaurant business, wedding drone videography services, and many other areas of commerce. However, drone videography has one significant drawback: drones are fragile.

The Annoying Drawback

When handled carelessly, or when a drone collides with any object, its fragile body or blades quickly become unusable. Such a breakdown can spoil the whole shooting process and smash your camera, costing you a lot of money.

drone videography

Image Credit: Popular Mechanics

Savvy Solution

However, scientists in the field of technology once again delighted drone fans and drone aerial videography specialists. They invented a drone with an elastic body set on magnets. Now the clashes are not so terrible; they will make the shooting process and the video much more fun and interesting!

In their work, researchers say the popularity of unmanned vehicles is growing rapidly in recent years. At first, drones were invented for military and professional use, and then gradually became a very useful tool to help with tasks that people with ground robots cannot do (firstly, drone aerial filming). Drones perform many functions much more efficiently than any other equipment.

Engineers from the National Research Center for Robotics (NRCR) and the Federal Polytechnic School in Lausanne (FPSL) invented a hull consisting of fiberglass parts with a thickness of 0.3 millimeters. At the same time, however, it turned out to be strong and elastic due to the small thickness of the plates. The main idea is that the body parts are attached to the hard core with the battery and the on-board computer using magnets. Magnets hold the whole construct in flight but they allow the body parts to separate at a strong impact.

The Essence of Technology

There are contact areas between the magnets for connecting the rotors to the core. The frame, in turn, has reinforced attachments with the main body using rubber bands. Even with a strong impact, all elements of the innovative drone can be automatically collected and reassembled back to the core. Excellent drone crash protection! In addition to providing safer collisions and falls, researchers also note that thanks to this design, a similar drone can be easily scaled simply by replacing the frame.

During the tests, the inventors of the new drone were having fun, intentionally crashing into obstacles. They threw the drone from various heights up to two meters. The new drone successfully survived more than 50 attacks and each time resurrected immediately. The time for self-collection of the drone is less than a second. Scientists believe that this invention can be useful in the future not only for drones, but also for other robots unrelated to the drone video production.

What to Expect in Drone Videography?

In the meantime, videographers can start to forget about the problem of the fragile body of classical drones. Now they can safely mount their action drone video camera to an innovative immortal drone and test it under the most severe conditions! How else? As a rule, the combination of an action camera and the drone is exactly what you need to shoot under extreme conditions. Possibly, this invention will manage to change the entire drone videography business industry. We just have to wait until the serial production starts. The new age of aerial drone videography is about to begin! Stayed tuned for updates and news about the latest advances in technology by signing up below.

drone videography