9 Questions We All Have About Social Media in 2017

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Marketers are expecting a lot out of social media in 2017. Predictions for social media in the future include more interactive social experiences and more effective marketing tactics. Social media trends 2017 will greatly determine how we interact with each other online. Let’s take a look at some of the top questions everyone is asking about social media in 2017.

1. Who Will Win: Snapchat or Instagram?

Several sources agree that Snapchat’s market will wane as Instagram takes over. Snapchat has previously been the most beloved social video app among millennials. However, its popularity may be fading as its focus turns from the social video app to its camera technology business.

Snapchat will not disappear anytime soon. However, its significance among other social media networks, including smaller social video platforms like Periscope, may fade. Instagram, on the other hand, is doing a good job of constantly improving and adding relevant features. Instagram Stories, which hit the market back in August 2016, eliminates the convenience or necessity of using Snapchat.

2. Will Live Video Continue to Grow?

Live streaming was an easily identifiable trend of 2016. But is this a major player among the social media predictions for 2017? The quick answer: yes. The main reason why live streaming will continue to grow is because almost every major social network has added live video to its platform.

2017 will reveal the fate of Periscope. Although the live stream app’s numbers are small, it is the top social media app that focuses only on live streaming. However, some social media users may no longer see the purpose of Periscope after the introduction of Facebook Live and Instagram Live.

3. What Will Happen to Twitter?

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Some people predict that Twitter will go out of style in upcoming years. However, this is a pretty bold statement considering Twitter’s active user base is 320 million and counting. Although these numbers aren’t as large as Facebook’s, Twitter still isn’t going away anytime soon. Significant trends, such as abandoning a popular social network, would take years to take effect.

However, Twitter will have to change its strategy to survive in upcoming years. Some marketers agree that the problem with Twitter is its lack of focus on content. Facebook has adapted into a more content-oriented platform. Compared to Instagram, Twitter doesn’t have a shot unless it plays its cards right in social media in 2017.

4. Where Will Virtual Reality Take Us?

Virtual reality will continue to expand into mobile integration and marketing. 2016 was the origin for many social companies to take on virtual reality. Mobile VR will become more prominent with the introduction of 3D imaging smart phones such as the iPhone 8. Consumers are raising the stakes for social networks to make their interactions more genuine.

This use of social media trends can be seen with Snapchat’s plans to add an augmented reality extension to Spectacles. The app is already taking advantage of 3D imaging. Facebook will also probably start to focus on integrating virtual reality technology on its familiar social media platform instead of through Oculus. Additionally, Twitter looks like it will merge live video and VR in 2017.

5. Will Pinterest Switch Its Focus to Videos?

social media in 2017Social video is obviously one of the anticipated social media trends for 2017. Over recent years, Pinterest has made it easier to pin, view, and share videos on desktop and mobile. Videos autoplay as users scroll through their newsfeeds, allowing brands to post promoted videos on Pinterest.

Because Pinterest’s creative content is so visual, video is the perfect tool for this social platform. One problem preventing Pinterest’s social video campaign from flourishing in social video is its lack of native upload capabilities. Every social network that wants to establish authority without the crutch of a third-party video uploading source needs to allow their users to directly upload videos.

6. What Will Happen to Google+?

Google+ has never gained much traction compared to other social networks. But one benefit is that it has the largest website on the internet backing it. Google could probably make Google Plus into the innovative social platform it needs to be to succeed among the next generation. But it hasn’t.

Unless Google makes a move soon, Google+ will continue to sit around without making much of an impact on social media in 2017. The idea for Google+ is sort of genius – a combination of Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram, if you will. Plus, ranking on Google is easier with a Google+ account. But with Google’s lack of enthusiasm for the network, it’s unlikely that it will become one of the social media digital trends of 2017.

7. Will LinkedIn Make a Breakthrough?

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In 2016, Microsoft Corporation acquired LinkedIn. As Microsoft has made its comeback over the past couple years, who knows what is in store for LinkedIn. LinkedIn is especially potent because it is the only substantial social media for professional use. However, as social media becomes more of a marketing tool, many businesses and professionals use Facebook and ignore LinkedIn.

If LinkedIn introduces some groundbreaking new features or technology that revolutionizes professional social media trends 2017, then it has its market in the bag. However, if it follows in Twitter’s footsteps by idling and adding features only after every other social network has, then LinkedIn might be digging its own grave.

8. How Will Marketing Develop?

Among popular social media marketing predictions you’ll find an increased focus on copywriting. This goes without saying, but internet users nowadays are more interested in quick, visually appealing content. Copywriting may prove to be more effective than other marketing tactics for social media in 2017.

Businesses may also start to collaborate more as a marketing tactic, as this form of marketing proves effective for many YouTubers. Humanization was the social media marketing trend of 2016. Now, this will develop into more meaningful and strategic ploys. Therefore, brands who want to humanize themselves will likely produce more collaboration videos or similar content on social media.

9. How Will Social Communication Change?

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Social media is all about communication. Snapchat revolutionized social networking with ephemeral content. Periscope changed the way we interact with live video. The next step looks like it will be in the direction of making social media even more authentic. Not only will websites like Facebook start cutting down on fake news, but advancements in the way we communicate online will bridge the gap between digital and in-person conversation. We can also expect to see a focus on customer support on social media, as users prefer this channel over others for customer care.

Again, virtual reality may be a big part of this. Augmented reality combined with technology like live video will make social messaging seem even more like a face-to-face conversation. Among social media trend predictions, communication with everyone from close family to professional business associates will enhance as long as social networks keep up with the latest technology.

How You Can Use Social Media in 2017

Social media predictions for the future obviously show that your business needs to get involved. Brush up on your social media marketing strategies, and get started creating the right content. Videos are obviously an influential medium that will shape social media in 2017 trends.

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