Twitter Amplify: Making Money With Your Videos

twitter amplify

Now that Twitter has kicked its video advertising product – Twitter Amplify – up a notch, YouTube is facing some tough competition when it comes to its video creators! It’s no surprise that Twitter wants to bring in more people by offering the ability to create quality videos. After all, they do tend to bring in massive audiences.

The grand plan is for Twitter to not just sell ads along with its creator videos. They also intend to share ad revenue with content creators. And that’s not even the most fascinating piece of news!

Twitter is not only expanding to a full-on video advertising platform. It’s also offering 70% of the revenue share to creators and only keeping 30%. This is vastly better than share revenue with YouTube, where creators only get to keep 55%. To further sweeten the pot, Twitter is offering the 70% split to “creators of all sizes,” not just the larger businesses with the big guns.

twitter amplify

Considering the impact of video on the online world, this is definitely a move in the right direction. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, is among many who claim that video is going to be one of the most important trends in the industry. He believes that in a few years, the majority of online content will be video.

Monetizing Videos with Twitter Amplify

Monetizing videos on Twitter will be as easy as one can imagine. The only thing users will have to do is tick a box before they post a tweet. This will enable the ads to run alongside the video. Unfortunately, right now only a select few from the United States can get a cut of the revenue pie because only U.S. accounts actually have the feature.

Those who decide they want to monetize their videos with Twitter Amplify will have two choices. They can either to opt-in each video Tweet-by-Tweet, or pre-set monetization for all of their Twitter videos. There will also be the option to monetize videos “100% non-exclusively.” This means that content creators will also be able to monetize the same videos on other platforms.

Should Content Creators Join Niche?

When choosing to monetize your videos on Twitter, there’s a network that all social media creators should consider joining. Niche is a professional network which provides creators with the opportunity to analyze, grow and monetize their audience. You can aggregate all your social media profiles into one page, making it easy for businesses to really see who you are and determine whether they want to collaborate with you.

twitter amplify

Niche has been a part of the Twitter family since 2015. Since then it’s already helped over 35 000 creators find collaborations. This enhances their ability to monetize their content alongside top brands in the industry.

It’s great to see that Twitter is not afraid of fierce competition in the face of YouTube and Facebook. The former has long been the go-to place for video creators to showcase their content and monetize it. Moving to video advertising is definitely a bold, but also smart move, considering video usage is rising exponentially.

Not to mention some of the biggest Internet marketing names out there are claiming that video will be represent the majority of of all online content in the world within a few of years!

Video creators are now finding abundant online opportunities. Never before have they seen such favorable circumstances for video content success. Excitement among video creators is well warranted; isn’t it time for you to join in the excitement?