Which Year Had the Best Super Bowl Commercials?

super bowl commercials

Super Bowl commercials have been around for decades now, and it seems like with every passing year, the commercials get more and more media attention. Super Bowl commercials 2017 have reminded us of ads in previous years. However, some Super Bowl commercial videos have gone down in history, while other recent ads have been forgotten.

Not all of the most memorable Super Bowl commercial ideas can be contained in a single article. However, we have narrowed down the top Super Bowl commercials on YouTube to five of the best years in Super Bowl history. Let’s take a look at the years that established some of the best Super Bowl commercials of all time.

1. 1975

Being the first full decade with this football event, the ’70s had some great Super Bowl commercials ratings, but if we had to tie it down to a year or two, 1975 comes to mind. The nostalgic McDonald’s jingle and the tough MasterLock demonstration made it down into Super Bowl commercial history. Both of these brands are more successful than ever today.

2. 1979

Coca-Cola’s “Mean Joe Green” helped create an unforgettable scene in one of history’s most famous Super Bowl commercials. Some people even consider it the best Super Bowl ad ever because of the cherished storyline. The American Express card commercial was a pioneer in advertising. Although it may not be one of the funniest Super Bowl commercials, it certainly was effective.

3. 1984

Ignore all of the other years on this list. 1984 was undoubtedly the most impactful year for Super Bowl commercials nationwide. Even if you weren’t there to watch the 1984 Super Bowl ads, you will most likely recognize the viral “Where’s the beef?” catchphrase and the iconic Apple Macintosh commercial that launched them into success.

4. 1999

Right before the turn of the century, Monster.com and Bud Light introduced powerful ads that boosted the economics of Super Bowl commercials. Monster.com’s Super Bowl commercial 1999 talked about some pretty taboo workplace ideas in a moving way. Many Super Bowl fans recall Bud Light’s “Paper or Plastic” ad when doing their own grocery shopping.

5. 2013

Arguably a favorite year among millennials for famous Super Bowl commercials, is 2013. In this ad from Budweiser, they produced another one of their all-time favorite Clydesdale commercials, while the Joe Montana stain was both hilarious and visually captivating. Tide’s Super Bowl stain theme has continued with its latest 2017 Terry Bradshaw BBQ sauce stain commercial.

What’s Next for Super Bowl Commercials?

Super Bowl commercials promotion may start to turn toward online streaming and social media in the future. Although many people have already made the move from TV to streaming, the Super Bowl will probably be a television tradition for many years to come.

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