The Beginner’s Guide to Instagram Event Marketing

instagram event marketing

Instagram event marketing is possibly the smartest move you can make to promote your upcoming events. Instagram is the trendiest social network, and it will only continue to thrive in 2018. It is a visual platform, which is what audiences love in today’s day and age. Plus, the social network wields tools such as live streams, stories, and more.

Check out the guide below for Instagram event marketing tips and Instagram event marketing strategies.

How to Build a Following on Instagram

Developing a following on Instagram requires work, research, and time. Your page must produce valuable content to expect people to follow you on Instagram, then promote this content to the right outlets. Follow the tips below:

5 Easy Ways to Attract an Instagram Audience With No Budget

1. Produce valuable, creative content.

As with any social media, you have got to stand out to get followers. Who wants to follow a brand who produces boring or useless content? Make your page on Instagram exciting. Produce funny, interesting, and helpful posts on a regular basis. Even if you are just starting out, add several pictures and posts to validate your page.

When promoting your event, share all the intriguing reasons why your followers should attend. Design a visual announcement or create an invitation video to share on Instagram.

Diversify your content, as well. Don’t follow a formula, but instead always look for new ways to improve your content strategy on Instagram. Is there a new angle you could project in your Instagram pictures? Post videos of different lengths. Remember to stay active on your story to show that your brand is current.

2. Tract followers.

instagram event marketing

In other words, find potential followers and make them love your brand. To do this, you have to identify your target market and promote to them. We’ll talk more about this in a later section.

Follow brands and individuals who you think your target audience is following. Look at these brands’ followers and pick out individuals to follow. Typically, when you follow a potential customer, they will follow you back. But, don’t just follow anyone for a follow back. Follow only potential customers who will find value in your brand.

If you already have followers on a different platform (e.g., Facebook, email, customer base), recruit them to follow your brand on Instagram. Don’t be afraid to ask!

3. Promote your content.

Put your content out there. Encourage your followers to share your Instagram posts with friends who would be interested in your content. You may even consider further promotional efforts, such as pitching to an influencer within your niche to promote your event announcement or invitation video.

Generally, do not post more than once a day on Instagram. Many brands post several times a day on the social network. However, when you are first starting off, you do not want to flood your new followers’ feed. Instead, focus on the quality of your content, not the quantity.

How to Find Your Target Market

Because Instagram does not have groups, you will have to identify your target market in more creative ways. For example, hashtags are your greatest tools for finding your specific audience. Keep reading for more tips.

1. Use Instagram pods.

As of 2016, Instagram’s algorithm favors popularity over newness. The more likes, comments, and shares your post achieves, the more visibility it will gain. Instagram pods are a great way to secure legitimate, quality attention to your posts. To learn more about them, check out this in-depth guide.

2. Dive into hashtags.

Use 4-7 hashtags with each one of your posts. Research the most popular hashtags in your niche. Websites like TagBlender and are great resources. You can also identify the most common hashtags used by your followers and competing brands.

3. Stalk your followers.

instagram event marketing

Even if your current following on Instagram is small, you can learn a lot about who you should target by who is already following you. What other brands or individuals do they follow? Again, what hashtags do they use? Do they frequently host live streams? Get to know everything about your ideal Instagram customer with your own up-close research.

4. View the Explore section.

You can access the Explore section on Instagram by selecting the magnifying glass icon in the app or compass icon on the website. This section shows the most popular Instagram posts, pages, and live streams going on right now. Check out these popular pages to determine which brands or individuals your ideal followers value.

Creative Tips for Instagram Event Marketing

Understanding how to make your event stand out on Instagram is essential. Many other brands, businesses, and individuals are promoting events on Instagram every day. To better understand how Instagram fits into your social media marketing strategy, check out the post below:

Which Social Networks Are Best for Social Event Marketing?

1. Live stream your event on Instagram.

When your event finally rolls around, consider live streaming it on Instagram. This will give your event more visibility and show your audience what they are missing. If you plan on live streaming your event, be sure to promote the live stream beforehand, as well.

2. Promote your event on Instagram stories.

Instagram stories provide current updates of your page. Without bombarding your followers, be sure to remind them of your upcoming event regularly on stories. Do so in creative ways, such as recording one of your customers sharing why they will attend your event. Also, remember to include details on how to register for your event!

3. Capture the visual appeal of your event.

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Obviously, Instagram is a highly visual platform. You are required to share a picture or video with every post. Assume your audience will only view your picture or video, not the accompanying text.

If you are sharing an event announcement, provide all the details of the event in the image. Make your Instagram media pop with eye-catching colors, new camera angles, and bright faces.


Instagram event marketing is a must for any business to find success. Why? Instagram is the leading social network next to Facebook. That’s right, more people are on Instagram than Twitter. With its hashtags, stories, and live streams, Instagram is practically Twitter, Snapchat, and Periscope combined in one. That is why more people are converting to it.

If you want your Instagram event marketing strategy to really stand out, Valoso can help. Our team of professional event marketers and video production specialists are here to make your marketing strategy thrive.

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