Now is the Time to Take Massive Action with Video Marketing

This past week has been turbulent at best. We are facing the results of the most shocking and controversial U.S. election in history. Many of us are left wondering what we are supposed to do now. How are we going to move ahead of this dramatic shift in global leadership? The answer, I believe, is to take massive action. And the best way to do that is through video marketing.

Whether you feel like you must quickly solidify your online business now, or whether you want to get your all-important message out there to the masses, the key is to figure out how to take massive action. Video marketing tools and strategies can give you more leverage and increase engagement all while positively affecting your ROI.

How To Take Massive Action: Step 1 – Research Your Audience

The first step in taking massive action with video marketing is learning about your potential viewers. To do this, research who your audience is. Find out where they are watching videos. Is it YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest or somewhere else? Use Google or social media analytics to determine who is already watching your videos.

Miceli Productions offers many useful strategies in finding your target video viewer. One such idea is creating a Buyer Persona specifically for your videos. This will help you narrow down your audience so you can market directly to them through your video.


Step 2 – Create an Action Plan

Once you have an idea of who your video will target, you’ll want to find the best way to create an action plan for developing your video. Familiarize yourself with the different types of videos including explainer videos, testimonials and telling a story. Next, come up with a single message that you want to deliver. Use the emotions of frustration and turmoil unleashed by the elections to your video’s advantage. Turn it into a heartfelt video that sends a message about your brand, like this ad for Mercedes:

Once you have all this, you are then ready to build your team. Collaborate with the best videographers and editors you can afford to create the best video to share your message with your target audience.

Step 3 – Nail the Delivery

Your final product, after you’ve made the very best of all the available video marketing tools, should be short and to the point. Under two minutes or less. Be sure to include engaging or exciting content—don’t be afraid to be controversial! End your video with a compelling and definitive call to action.

The benefits of video marketing for small businesses and large corporations alike continue to grow as social media’s reach expands exponentially. Take this moment in history, this divisive, exciting and nerve-wracking time, and let it propel you into taking massive action. Bolster your business, spread your message, grow your brand.

If you’re truly ready to motivate yourself and fire up your video marketing strategy, you are in the right spot! We here at Valoso are ready to turn your ideas or clips into the stunning video that will vastly increase your reach. Take a moment to explain your idea to us in the form below, and we’ll contact you personally with a quote. It’s that easy to take massive action.