Facebook Urges Mobile Videos for E-commerce Advertising

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What’s the key to modern day e-commerce advertising? Facebook’s U.S. e-commerce head, Jeremy Lewis, wants businesses to know there’s one platform for product video that shows significant growth in relevance: mobile.

“Mobile isn’t a thing. It is THE thing,” Lewis said at the 2016 Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition. At this industry leading e-commerce conference, Lewis also went on to say that mobile videos are a great way for retailers to reach large numbers of consumers. Almost everyone now uses phones for information and entertainment.

Modern technology changes the game for e-commerce advertising. Optimizing mobile product video is increasingly important. More than 70% of retail site traffic during the 2015 Black Friday weekend came from mobile devices. A recent study from Facebook shows that 83% of millennials research products on their mobile devices. There’s no doubt that the mobile platform is one of the fastest growing e-commerce advertising trends of today. It is rapidly working its way towards trumping in-store advertising.

The graphic below shows us recent mobile e-commerce trends for restaurants, apparel and beauty, and electronics.


“It’s important to look at both your existing customer base and the customers you want to acquire in years to come,” said. “Millennials want mobile apps, while more seasoned users still prefer the mobile web.”

The Difference Between Web and Mobile Video

The use of video is proven to be a highly effective method of online store advertising. Many businesses know about the benefits of e-commerce video marketing. But it’s important to consider the difference between web videos and mobile videos. The mobile platform requires its own e-commerce marketing strategy. These videos are not the same as TV or online commercials. The first three seconds are the most crucial. Unless people see something that grabs their attention as they scroll quickly through their feeds, they continue to scroll.

Steve Garfield, video blogger and author of Get Seen, emphasizes that the most important aspect of mobile videos is capturing a moment. Also, when Facebook videos automatically play on mobile devices, there’s no sound until the user turns it on. This is where text overlays and compelling graphics come in handy.

A Great Way to Start E-commerce Advertising

Because of the direction of e-commerce advertising, Lewis suggests that businesses experiment with mobile marketing. E-commerce video advertising can be tricky for businesses, mobile video is even more so. Many video production companies exist to make this process easier. They provide not only e-commerce tips, but also a full range of video creation services. Valoso is one full-service video company that brings together a wide network of professional video editors and videographers from all over the world. Businesses large or small can connect with a qualified video professional who has experience in e-commerce product videos for all platforms. They can create a polished mobile video for your business for a reasonable price.

This growing trend in mobile marketing is not going away. Since people are attached to their phones throughout the day, there is no better place to gather interest for your product.