Red Bull: The Most Powerful Video Marketing Strategy

red bull video

Red Bull energy drink has never had a successful advertising campaign in the conventional sense of the word. But this brand is one of a few super-brands in the world. The main achievement of their company in the advertising and marketing arena is that they have carefully and systematically build a solid image in the minds of people using non-standard Red Bull video content. In this article, we will look at the Red Bull video marketing strategy to understand how this brand has used unique video content to become one of the most popular brands today.

Competitors are Not a Hindrance

What can the company’s founders say about Red Bull advertising campaign that any another energy drink can’t even imagine? Nothing. Consumer benefits of all these drinks are similar – they are designed to increase energy and thwart sleep. But while competitors create ads that do not exactly shine with creativity and execution, Red Bull video production focuses on extreme sports and any other active and unusual undertakings, which it then captures on video. A simple trick to success.

Red Bull Video and Racing

Formula-1 is a favorite sport of many; insanely expensive, extreme, and complicated. Apparently, Red Bull owns two Formula-1 teams: RBR Renault and Toro Rosso. That alone is a great promotion for all loyal fans racing. But this company tries to make incredibly extreme and creative videos with a viral effect. For example, in 2010, Formula-1 pilot Mark Webber and his team organized a pit-stop in front of… the Parliament of London! Of course, such an event was captured on video. More than 1.7 million views!

In the United States, NASCAR racing is more popular. And wouldn’t you know it? Red Bull has a team in these races, too. They also made a pit-stop – this time right in Times Square, New York City. Why not?

Rely or Don’t Rely on Brand Recognition

A special department of the company, Red Bull Media House, helps athletes to shoot video profiles, create advertising and films. All videos are shot with breathtaking quality in every detail, as well as an ideal image and large-scale survey.

In these video commercials, we can see the interesting position of top management and marketing: no one tries to insert a logo or a can in each frame, but they manage to picturesquely put it in the most favorable light. The most common brand is limited to the words of the title and logo on a black background at the end of the video. Well, if the plane/helicopter/car/whatever is painted in recognizable red and blue colors, no one will object.

Space Red Bull Advertising Video

None of the above was enough for Red Bull. In 2012, the company conceived a complex and ambitious project – Red Bull Stratos. This time the energy drink company decided to break seven world records. At the same time, they shot a free fall from a height of more than 35 thousand meters, breaking the sound barrier.

More than eight million people launched the live broadcast with Felix Baumgartner’s jump from the edge of space. And most importantly, they watched it on their own. Not because “watch the video and win the prize”, and not because they had nothing else to do. They watched it because Red Bull has created something really interesting FOR PEOPLE.


Five years of preparation, nine minutes of flight, 1342 kilometers per hour, billions of dollars in free media, millions of queries in search engines, the eternal glories of the heroes. The video that you watched became one of the most popular Red Bull action videos – 41 million views. Thanks to this Red Bull astronaut video, the number of subscribers rose from 300 thousand to 2.5 million overnight. Now, this number is almost 6 million. This is what Red Bull advertising strategy means.

Wrap Up

Not every brand is able to send a man into space so he can jump out to the glory of the progress of mankind while broadcasting the flight live. However, each brand is able to do something interesting and extraordinary, and bravely go its own way. Let Valoso help you on this journey!