Instagram Stories Ads: A Game-Changer for Advertising

instagram stories ads

Just last month Instagram announced it’s testing full-screen video ads within Stories. They listed over 30 global companies such as Netflix, Nike and Airbnb.

Additionally, 70% of Instagram’s users follow a business, and with one-third of the platform’s most-viewed Stories being produced by businesses, that further explains their decision.

According to forecasting firm eMarketer, Instagram’s advertising business could generate about $3.64 billion in advertising sales in 2017.

instagram stories ads

Soon video is expected to become the most important advertising format. Currently Instagram is giving advertisers the freedom to use both with Instagram Stories ads and feed ads. So far, companies have been using Stories in a variety of ways, and some are extremely creative.

Businesses are Already Using Instagram Stories Ads

Lowe’s, for instance, has used the feature to share home improvement tutorials, while J. Crew relied on the tool to promote a pre-sale for sunglasses.

Mulberry UK, on the other hand, revealed that Instagram Stories has been a major help in driving clicks to their site. Apparently, the Stories containing links received five times more clicks to Mulberry’s site and in addition, more engagement, compared to the brand’s average engagement rates across platforms. The format has the tendency to create more immersive experiences due to 70% of Stories on the app currently being watched with the sound on.

Features In Development

The good news for users is that the new video ads will be skippable, which significantly diminishes the annoyance factor. They will only appear between stories so that they don’t ruin the flow of your friends sharing their awesome party you weren’t invited to.

Another addition to Stories Instagram has been working on is the use of engagement starts for business accounts. Up until now, we were only able to see stats from our feed and website clicks, so that’s definitely a welcome feature that will enhance Stories’ significance for businesses.

In fact, the metrics will be of enormous help for brands when it comes to content creation. Now, they will be able to focus on content that is more relevant to their audiences.

Apart from Instagram Stories ads, Instagram mentioned it plans to focus on introducing more creative tools for us to explore: and we’re definitely looking forward to that! Keep up with all social media trends here with us at Valoso.

instagrams stories ads