What Video Makers Need to Know About Using Royalty Free Music!

royalty free music

One of the most important elements in making a video project is choosing the right audio or soundtrack. Your soundtrack will decide the mood and tempo of your video to determine the overall success of your project. How do we choose the right audio for our video? Good thing there’s a royalty free music to cater our needs!

In this blog post, we will cater everything you need to know about royalty free music.

What does royalty free music for video means?

Basically, royalty free music library refers to a type of copyright license where the user will only have to pay once for the music license and he can use the audio for as long as he desired.

One of the most common misconceptions of “royalty-free music” is that the music is “free” to download or use, with no costs to pay on.

When in reality it’s not. Royalty-free means it is only “free of royalty” not “costs-free”. Just like how “tax-free” will not let you purchase the product for free.

You will still have for the basic fee of the product, except that it is just free of taxes.

royalty free music

How important the music is for video makers

One important reason of having your own unique royalty free background is to find the mood and setting of your video.

By using the right royalty free video music, you are establishing and emotional connection to your audience.

You need to convey the full message, feelings, and essence of your video to your readers effectively. For that to happen, you need to find the right audio music for your videos.

royalty free music

Copyright Infringement Issues

Another thing is the complication of copyright infringement issues.

Oftentimes, the video editors commit a mistake of copying an audio music. You will pay for damages for copying someone’s audio music.

Here are are the following tips you can use to avoid copyright issues:

1. The most effective way to avoid copyright issues would be to create your own 100% unique music. If you are a composer, it’s time to use that skill and make your own audio music.

Not only you are not violating any copyright issues, you’re also making your own brand of music for your video project.

2. Only Use Audio Music when it is in Public Domain
Most of the older works have been labeled and made their way to the public domain so they are safe to use.

However, you need to be careful of using older works.
You would think that “Happy Birthday” song is safe to use. But no, do not use it! Look for specific labels like:

  • Any Song or Musical Work Published in 1922
  • Earlier is in the Public Domain in the USA

3. Royalty Free Music License
Another way of gaining a right audio music for your video is, of course, by purchasing a royalty-free music license.

royalty free music

How To Find Royalty free music

We recommend these following websites to download your royalty free music. They have a vast amount of royalty free music library you can browse from:

Youtube Audio Library
YouTube has over 1000 tracks added to its library to provide high-quality royalty-free music and sound effects that you can use for your video project.

Vimeo Music Store
Vimeo also offers a combination of free (under CC license) and royalty-free music (paid) for your video projects. It is super easy to identify which files are free to use for commercial setting and which ones you need to pay.

AudioJungle’s audio files are relatively affordable, starting from $18 bucks.

Aside from that, they have a very user-friendly interface that lets you browse through the songs, music packs, and sound effects with ease.

If you wanted to use a large selection of music or audio for your project, AudioBlock is the great one for you. You can have unlimited downloads on their royalty-free music for only $99!

And remember, it’s an annual subscription! Think of the amount of $$ you can save compared to purchasing a $20 song every now and then.

Editing Your Video

Now that you are able to find the right audio music for your video project, it’s time for you to edit and apply finishing touches.

You can hire your best video editor at Valoso to craft your video into a masterpiece.