How to Create a Successful Video Blog: A Guide by Valoso

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Vlogging is more and more popular by the minute: any video blog can take the usual hobby and turn it into a successful business. How do you create interesting content, get more subscribers and become popular on YouTube? Here are some video blogging tips for beginners.

How to Choose a Theme for Your Vlog

A YouTube video blog idea is the first and the most momentous step in developing your future channel. There are several conditions. First, be sure to choose a topic that you like. Passion and sincerity in your eyes will connect to your audience immediately. Second, you have to be a pro in your field. Mistakes and uncertainties will distance your subscribers and they will not return for your future vlogs.

How to Get More Subscribers on YouTube

YouTube has a large number of channels with a wide range of content, so the ease of searching for our content is very important. Be sure to think about the title, description, and tags for each video. Use keywords that describe the essence of your video in full. Properly selected tags can help to determine the category for your YouTube video blog and thus increase its number of views.

Another way to get more followers on YouTube is via co-operation with other channels. Find partner sponsors who create related videos. Communicate with and advise with other’s audience, shoot videos together, create playlists, and create opportunities to network. All this will help you gain a new audience for your vlog.

What Video Blog Equipment is Necessary?

When shooting video, you need to think through all the details: the background, the absence of extraneous noise, and, of course, the video blogging camera. Try to use high-quality equipment; sometimes even a modern smartphones can be great for shooting. But we advise you to buy a Full HD-camera and microphone.

Make sure your video is accompanied by high-quality sound without any interference. Your voice should not be drowned out by background noise from an open window or the TV in the next room. If you want to add music, remember that it must comply with copyright laws. YouTube bloggers use YouTube Audio Library, where you can find more than 150.000 songs and use them for free and legally.

How to Behave in the Frame?

In addition to high-quality equipment, you need to pay attention for a few moments when creating a new video for your vlogging channel. First, watch carefully how you position yourself within the frames. Also, talk so that your speech is clearly heard and interesting to listen to, try not to repeat yourself. Imagine yourself in the viewer’s shoes. A the beginning of any video, the audience will immediately feels some uncertainty, anxiety, and tension. Let them know right from the beginning what they can expect.

You can pre-write key points of your video ahead of time, but do not try to memorize the whole text – you will be bored. Also, never break off the video suddenly. Be sure to create a greeting and an ending (intro and outro). Here is one last tip: love your followers and respond to their questions, maintaining a dialogue and keeping the lines of communication open.

Does YouTube Need Your Video Blog?

Generally, video competition on YouTube is extremely high. However, it’s hard to believe, but YouTube still has some niches where the competition is moderate. For example, many emphasize the acute shortage of vloggers telling about science and learning content for children. But remember, to become a popular blogger, you need to find your audience. The audience represents those people who will be interested in your stories and shows. To do this, listen to yourself and find things that others in your niche are not covering.

What About Video Blog Editing Software?

Your audience likes high quality videos with competently assembled transitions and effects. To do this, you need to master video blog editing software. Fortunately, there is a huge variety of such programs both for professionals and amateurs. For example, Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere, Corel Video Studio, Sony Vegas… It does not matter what kind of software you use, as long as you can achieve the desired effects in each video.

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Now you know how to start video blogging on YouTube. But I want you to know that one article is not enough to master the skills of video blogging. Become a member of Valoso and get good advice every day! Here, you can also find professional video editors who are experienced with shooting and editing video blogs. Just sign in!