How the Media Is Destroying the Reputation of YouTube Bloggers

YouTube bloggers

YouTube bloggers are now in a defensive position. Top video celebrities like Felix Chelberg (PewDiePie) were under the guns of the U.S. media. Valoso figured out what kind of “mortal sins” video bloggers made and how as a result, the media put significant pressure on YouTube.

Insulting the Feelings of Viewers

Scandals involving YouTube bloggers is not a new phenomenon in the world of social networks. However, in 2017, these conflicts began to gain new momentum. The Wall Street Journal released an article stating that PewDiePie had released nine videos with Nazi themes.

The main reason for the conflict is a video where two men hold a sheet with the note “Death to All Jews.” In another video, a vlogger showed a man in the image of Jesus Christ, who says “Hitler did absolutely nothing wrong.”

For PewDiePie’s Nazi joke, he used the job search service for freelancers called Fiverr. He did delete some video content but the original video from January 11th is still available on YouTube. PewDiePie explained that these actions were not serious and he does not support an attitude towards anyone with hatred in any form. “I wanted to show how crazy the modern world is, specifically some of the services available online. I picked something that seemed absurd to me – That people on Fiverr would say anything for 5 dollars.” 

The Wall Street Journal emphasized the fact that neo-Nazis supported the blogger despite Felix’s own comments against neo-Nazis. Many of the actions in the video were blown out of context by the WSJ, even though the vlogger posted a note on Tumblr, openly opposeing such movements based on hatred of any group.

Nevertheless, the punishment came anyways. Disney refused further cooperation with PewDiePie because of these videos. The reaction by other media outlets was sharply negative as well. One of Gizmodo’s writers said,“It’s clear: he’s just an idiot.” The world reknown author of the Harry Potter series, J. K. Rowling, wrote about his “anti-Semitism and sympathies for Nazism” in her Twitter feed. She insisted that Felix’s actions can only be perceived negatively. The conflict between PewDiePie and the Wall Street Journal became one of the loudest issues in the modern social media.

JonTron Nazi Scandal

Another popular YouTube blogger also came under attack. John JonTron Jafari is in the center of political strife in the United States. The New York blogger is a child of two immigrants and has Iranian and Hungarian roots. Because of some of the content on his reviews for various video games and movies, he was turned into a “fan” of the ultra-right.

JonTron Tweeted a few comments that people took for as a sign of intolerance by the blogger. He supported Steve King’s words: “We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.” He also openly believes that uncontrolled immigration can lead to a white population becoming a minority.

After the women’s march on January 21, John said that the real struggle for women’s rights should not consist solely of women. After that, the blogger also released a video on his channel called, “My Statement”, in which he said he was not ready for such a political debate. He also stressed that he is going to take a step back and return to his usual occupation.

The American media managed to spoil his reputation by releasing articles with provocative headlines. For example, “What should parents do when their Kid’s favorite YouTuber Gets Racist?” or “Racist YouTuber JonTron is even more racist than people thought he was,” and many others.

This Train Has No Brakes

The situation did not become normal after these two rather outlandish scandals with popular YouTube bloggers. At present, there is a new conflict with The Wall Street Journal. Journalist Jack Nicas published an article saying that Google cannot fix the fact that videos with racist names display ads by large advertisers such as Coca-Cola, Amazon, P&G and Microsoft. The text says that showing commercials for such videos is a way of making money for incendiaries of hatred.

As a result, large companies began to abandon advertising contracts with Google because of fears of criticism. Advertising on YouTube began to disappear, and the bloggers’ income decreased.

YouTube bloggers

Of course, there is the blame of YouTube bloggers in all that is happening. Each of the above-described creators made rather provocative statements, and society cannot ignore them. However, for the popularization of content, the American media manipulate the facts, exaggerating reality. The direct result is more and more YouTube bloggers beginning to lose their profits.

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