Top 4 Secrets to Boosting Your Brand With Video Storytelling

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How can you target your audience to get noticed? How do you develop a branded video story to grab attention? Although your branded content storytelling is in place, it can go no further without your audience’s attention.

In his book called Captivology: The Science of Capturing People’s Attention”, Ben Parr has conducted in depth research on the people and companies that have achieved high visibility. As a result, he has singled out seven attention triggers that can be used for branded storytelling:

  • Automaticity
  • Framing
  • Disruption
  • Reward
  • Reputation
  • Mystery
  • Acknowledgement

On the basis of his conclusions, we identified four main, video storytelling tips to attract and retain the attention of consumers. Valoso believes that everybody is able to achieve the best results for their brand with video.

The first two video storytelling techniques are perfect for instant attraction and short-term attention.

1. Use an Authority Source for Your Branded Video Story

As you can see, everything is simple here. A trustworthy narrator can be a friend or a respected expert who strongly recommends watching your video.

2. Tell People that Your Story is New and Unusual

For customers to notice your story, they must have a reason for this. It might be an unusual story, or have an ambiguous protagonist, or even an interesting presentation can draw people in. The opinion of the audience is significant, so to get them engaged, your story must be intriguing.

The following two video storytelling tools can help you keep the attention of your audience.

According to YouTube research, to keep the interest of viewers all the to the end of the video, it’s crucial to get them interested in the first 15 seconds. How to we do that? Fortunately, Valoso has a lot of articles on this issue:

3. Call Up a Feeling of Uncertainty

What is your story about? And why is it so important? To answer these questions, the narrative paints a picture in the viewer’s imagination. Who are the main heroes? What happens next? Attract attention, keep it, and promise a real reward if the viewer will watch to the end.

But one uncertainty is not enough. The questions of the audience need to be answered, and the answers should be valuable and worthwhile. If people are imbued with feelings for the protagonist and the plot, they will worry about the outcome of the events.

The structure of the plot and presentation are also substantial. In the best stories, there is always a heat of passion, a warming up of interest, and then a resolution of the conflict.

4. Build Waiting for the First 15 Seconds

Your audience should receive a reward for maintaining attention until the end of the story. An excellent reward will be a story that makes a viewer to think after the fact. Your video should be so interesting, informative, useful, relevant to expectations, or entertaining that it can change someone’s outlook on life.

But for people to watch the story to the end, during the first 15 seconds it is necessary to convince them that it is worth it. A positive first impression is considerable.

Short-term attention is the first barrier that your story must overcome. Use familiar and respected storytellers to build confidence in your story. By this principle, influence marketing works.

If you do not have a famous storyteller or branded story designer, it’s even more important to draw attention to your story in the first seconds. And if in the next 10-15 seconds viewers cannot tear themselves away from the narrative, then, most likely, they will watch a brand story video to the end.

Best Brand Stories Examples

World Bicycle Relief

In the tradition of effective storytelling, we can identify two main parts of the narrative in this Mobilize Me branded video story: conflict and resolution.

Exotic landscapes and unusual everyday life immediately attract the eye. The audience gets acquainted with the difficult life of traveling kilometers on foot to be able to study and work. They evoke sympathy.

But how will this conflict be resolved? The understatement forces us to follow the development of the plot without stopping. And patience is rewarded!

A normal bike makes the lives of heroes much easier. Because now they can feed their family, visit patients and receive an education. A happy ending causes respect for the brand and makes it memorable for a long time.

L.L. Bean

This company’s brand story development is always interesting. Who comes up with the idea of creating a product? How do they do it? And finally, how did it all begin?

Old black and white photos and images of the first styles of L.L. Bean boots make create an admirable attempt to display the brand’s story along with narration. Plus, the reviews of satisfied employees who are so happy to be a part of something are truly inspiring.

All this causes a desire to join the culture of the brand and become the owner of these legendary Bean Boots.

Tom Shoes

This branded video story attracts attention and supports interest from the very first seconds. The usual backyard in the American suburbs, a poor neighborhood, and an ordinary boy who likes to play basketball… What will happen next?

Then, this branded video story has new heroes. Shelley, who bought a pair of Toms shoes; Sebastian, a company employee; and Tamsin, a partner. All of them tell their part of the story, each complements the overall image.

TOMS helps people and children realize their dreams. A wonderful ending to this story leaves the viewer with positive, lasting emotions.


The story of the whole brand in just a minute and a half? Why not! Unusual animation, unceasing movement, a changing scenery, a huge number of characters. This is provocation and drive in its pure form.

I conclusion, video storytelling for brands is one of the most effective marketing tools. Additionally, your video brand storytelling strategy can be heightened by using understatement. This causes viewers and readers to ask questions. This way, you can leave things up to their imagination. Cooperate with experts and boldly declare yourself. Your audience simply cannot resist and will look forward to the final scene!

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