Why Your Business Should Start Podcasting Now

podcasting for business benefits

In an era of rapid development, it is difficult to keep track of the latest achievements in technology. However, virtually every modern user is familiar with the concept of podcasting. Statistics are inspiring: two years ago, Apple reported that subscriptions to iTunes Podcasting reached a billion users! And such companies like General Electric, Netflix, eBay, etc. use this method of promotion for business development. Let us look at the benefits of podcasting and how your business can benefit from it.

Reach New Customers Using Podcasting

This is the main advantage of podcasting. It is a unique form of communication that is not like any others. Today there are a countless podcast resources in the form of apps in the App Store (like podcasting on Soundcloud and Downcast, podcasting using Garageband, etc.). In addition, there are many podcasting apps for Android in Google Play Market. Millions of users around the world already use these services, and some of them will definitely be interested in your business. You can also try podcasting using Skype and WordPress.

Increase Your Business Transparency

Through direct contact with your target audience, you can get new information about how to please your customer. At the same time, communication with the representatives of the business allows your customers to feel like a full-fledged individual, not a marketing target. It should also be said that communication via podcasting tools is more vivid, emotional, and intense; that give a distinct advantage over online video, images and text.

Improve Your Business Promotion with Podcasting

Whatever the popularity of your podcast, a certain number of users will be interested in your product or service. Consequently, new potential buyers will read your blogs, posts on social media, watch your videos, and so on. And conversely, all of the above methods of promotion can lead customers to the podcast and influence their decision to listen to another podcast recording.

High and Fast Return on Investment

A podcast does not require high initial investments. The only thing that is needed is a high-quality podcasting microphone (and notebook or smartphone with Internet connection, of course). Most modern services for that are free and you can start to podcast almost immediately after purchasing the podcasting equipment. In addition, podcasting does not require a lot of time and you can create a recording with a duration of several minutes; thus quickly creating a new way to bring in new clients.

podcasting for business benefits

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Seriously, Add Humor

Podcasting for profit is fun! It is much more interesting than writing another article for your website, or creating a new video for your YouTube channel. This will benefit not only your customers, but also yourself. This method of promotion can have a relaxing effect on you as a business person, as you will be able to escape from the reports, cost estimates, forecasts, and other business routines. But at the same time, you will stay in touch with your business and target audience. Really cool!

Put Your Clients in Your Business

Not every topic can be sent via text or video. You can use podcasting just for telling interesting stories and facts related to your business. Customers can listen to these stories over breakfast going to work, or on the background of some activity. This may be similar to the morning or evening TV show, and the target audience is aware of the latest news about your product, the facts of its production and so on. It all depends on delivering content that is interesting and engaging.

As we can see, the benefits of podcasting are really undeniable, as it is a very convenient and easy way to promote your business. Finally, I suggest watching the following useful video with podcasting tips and tricks by Nick Unsworth.


Image Credit: Chad Kainz