How to Shoot a Perfect Video with Dreadful Lightning

low light

Whether it is excessive or low light, standard primitive flash often does not solve all lighting issues. Even if you select the right time of day for shooting, arrange the objects correctly, and configure light features, your camera still needs your assistance.

Light that is too low, too much light, unsuitable contrasting… in these situations, features of even the most modern video cameras are limited. Shooting video outside can be a serious problem and light troubles can ruin your ideas. Therefore, Valoso offers some solutions to these problems, which will help you provide high-quality video in light shortage or excess.

Nightmare #1: Too Low Light

As videographers, we are often dissatisfied with the light situation. First, we complain about the lack of light or shooting video without lights at all, and then grumble at its excess. The root of evil lies in the matrix of a video camera. It provides a decent image only in a certain range of illumination and contrast.

1. Know the Possibilities of Your Camera

Let’s start with the most common trouble – shooting video with low light. Almost all cameras capture fuzzy and noisy videos in low light. Modern manufacturers take into account such drawbacks, but it is extremely difficult and almost impossible to get a decent video quality in the automatic mode shooting video outdoors.

Consequently, knowledge of video lighting setup of your camera can help you solve this problem. Explore features of the aperture setting, sensitivity, white balance, and exposure the improve video quality, and practice, practice, practice…

2. Use the Means at Hand

To further improving the video quality with shooting low light, use a manual mode in your video camera and add light in the frame. Additionally, you can use video low light enhancement: turn on some home lighting.

Highlight the scene from the back or side using lighting fixtures. Flashlights, table lamps, smartphone camera flashes… they all can be used depending on the situation.

shooting video outside

Nightmare #2: Too Much Light

Too much light in your video? Well, excess light, especially in scenes with a great contrast, also creates a problem. Light from windows, sunlight and other non-regulated light sources can cause problems with lightning.

Shooting video when people are standing in front of windows creates a difficult problem of excess light. Of course, the view from the windows creates a beautiful background, but the contrast between the light in the office and the light from the windows turn the image into a circle cut from black paper.

1. Use Reflectors

The first thing that comes to mind is to use the power of light and direct it wherever you need. Very few videographers rely on the filming method of using light with reflectors and reflective screens.

This cheap device is one of the simplest piece of video lighting equipment that does not require electricity, and it often saves the most desperate situations with lightning. There is no need to use expensive, industrially manufactured reflectors; a flat piece of white packing foam or a piece of cardboard covered with aluminum foil are both suitable options!

Place a piece of white foam or reflective surface so that the fill light falls back to an object. Use several reflectors arranged so that their light falls on the object from different angles. In cases of extreme contrast, use foil or even a mirror to direct the maximum of light on the object.

2. Shoot during Blue Hour and Golden Hour

Still a bit dark? The only way out is weakening the light. We cannot slow down the light of the sun on a cosmic scale, so we must solve this problem in the earthly. There are two ways: mechanically reduce the ambient light setting filters (or shutters) on windows, or wait until the brightness of the sunlight will reduce in a natural way at dusk or sunset.

Many professional videographers prefer to shoot during the Blue Hour (the short time after sunset), when the sky is still colorful but the sun does not spoil the frame. Magic (or Golden) Hour is the hour before sunset or after sunrise. Blue and Magic hours are the perfect time of day for shooting. The natural quality of light make your videos amazing.

Nightmare #3: The Sun and Shades

This section is about shooting outdoors on a sunny day, which involves many difficulties. In such cases, solar lighting creates a great landscape in the background, but the faces look horrible. Just as is the case in the office shoot, here is the dilemma: to wait for a cloudy day or the appearance of clouds, or fix things with our own hands.

In many cases, a good camera light will illuminate the face to remove and reduce contrast. Remember that doubling the distance reduces the illumination four times. So, try to shoot at the smallest possible distance.

Also, the white reflective sheet can fill a shadow on the face with light, if there is a place nearby lit by direct sunlight. If such a place is too far away and a regular white sheet does not help, use a reflector, which can send a fill light over a long distance.

Dim Out

Take advantage of these video lighting tips to make the most out of your videos. Need help with production? Valoso offers video production solutions to anyone looking to create the perfect event video, commercial video, or another video. Click on the banner below to get started with your next video project.

low light