Land Your Dream Job with Your Innovative Video Resume

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As you prepare to apply and land the position of a video editor for a certain project, you couldn’t help but wonder how to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors. Sure, you’ve already updated your CV, portfolio, maybe took some aptitude and personality tests to prove your competitiveness. But did you consider creating a video resume or CV?

That’s right! If video marketing is now on the rise to promote businesses, you can utilize video in creating your video editor resumes, too!

In fact, video cv’s is in demand since it gives your prospective employers to get a glimpse of your skills, communication and interpersonal speaking, and most of all, a glimpse of your personality.

Here are the tips you can apply to make a compelling video resume and stand out from the rest of the crowd.

1. Make an Outline for Your Video

Just because you get the chance to speak your thoughts with no one interrupting, doesn’t mean you should go on and brag about your entire life story. Remember that you’re making a job video application, so it’s recommended to practice moderation and control.

Video Resume

One way of effectively doing that is to prepare a list of questions that your prospective employer might be asking you. Formulate an answer for these questions. If your employer already prepared the questions for you, the better. You only need to record yourself answering these questions.

Here are the set of questions your employer are likely to ask to you:

  • Why do I want to join your company?
  • Why do I believe I will be an asset to your company?
  • Which of my skills do I believe I can use to your benefit?
  • What specific contribution do I hope to make to your company?

2. Be in Your Best Attire

You need to remember that even though you’re not facing your prospective employer, they can still see you. That means you need to present yourself in a formal and professional way.

Wear the proper dress and attire, your posture. Be polite and respectful when you speak. Your employers are assessing you when they watch your video.

3. Answer Questions Efficiently

Since you already know what questions are going to be asked, you have all the control in practicing and answering them. If you want to make it more effective, we recommend you answer the question in an interview manner.

Ask someone to ask you questions off-cam, as if the two of you are in an interview. Interactive communication makes your answer sound more natural rather than a spiel one. Aside from that, it will ease away your tension and chances of having a mental block (resulting in the dead air when you record a video).

4. Additional Professional Tips

Follow the following tips to make out the best of your video resume:

  • Keep your video short – your employer is likely to discard your video if it’s longer and boring. As much as possible, keep it short and be direct to the point.
  • Make a good impression right from the beginning. They say the first impressions last. So make the most of it and try to impress your employers with your skills, experience, and competitiveness.
  • Make your best points first. Highlight your best assets, skills, and competitiveness. Stress why your employer should choose you, not your competitors.

Creating an online video cv helps you and your employer saves more time, money, and resources. Most of all, it smoothens out the entire selection process.

Now that we provided you these video resume tips, the question is are you ready to take your career to the next level and commit to exciting video projects? If so, then start creating your profile and become one of our best and talented video editor!