11 Video Marketing Campaigns That Led to Insane Success

video marketing campaigns success

Many extraordinary video marketing campaigns have penetrated the internet during the past several years. Undoubtedly, video is a highly effective marketing tool for any business. With the right strategy, top video marketing campaigns can launch a business into success. If you want to take up your own video marketing campaign strategy, check out the examples below to learn from the pros.

1. Android: Friends Furever

Takeaway: Break boundaries.

Android’s “Friends Furever” video campaign became the most shared video ad of 2015. Not only does the video contain incredibly adorable animals, but it shares a universal message about unity amidst a culture of division.

2. GoPro: Fireman Saves Kitten

Takeaway: Capture emotional content.

Emotions are probably the most influential key of any marketing tactic. All the most successful video marketing campaigns use sentiment in some way. This video in a series by GoPro has gained over 35 million views, capturing the hearts of viewers across the globe.

3. Google: Year In Search 2016

Takeaway: Use current, relevant events.

Effective video marketing campaigns must be relevant to their audiences. Along with touching the hearts of the viewers, Google’s “Year in Search” video for 2016 also displays the compelling use of current events.

4. American Greetings: World’s Toughest Job

Takeaway: Be real and raw.

Many viral video marketing campaigns demonstrate real life situations. For instance, American Greetings’ “World’s Toughest Job” video became an instant success. You can model their example by including real feedback from real people in your videos.

5. Always: #LikeAGirl

Takeaway: Target your niche.

Especially with the inundation of support for women’s rights, Always brand’s #LikeAGirl video campaign hit home for many of its viewers. To create effective video marketing campaigns, you must mold your strategy around your target niche.

6. Red Bull: Felix Baumgartner’s Supersonic Freefall

Takeaway: Go on an adventure.

Totaling over 41 million views, Red Bull’s promo video records the world record for the longest freefall–one performed on the edge of the stratosphere. Instead of focusing on the business, the best video marketing campaigns focus on the world around them.

7. Gainsight: Blank Space

Takeaway: Use music.

The average Joe might not understand all the business jargon in this video. But, music is universal, and that’s what gives this video ad such potency. One of the smaller companies in this list, Gainsight made a smart move by including music in its videos.

8. Purina: Puppyhood

Takeaway: Make the audience laugh.

Purina employs priceless humor to guarantee the success of its campaign. Again, animals can also be a powerful marketing tool. If you choose to incorporate humor in your videos, then make sure the jokes are actually laughable!

9. Intel: Meet the Makers

Takeaway: Tell a story. A good one.

Storytelling is fundamental when it comes to video production. Although telling stories can compel your audience, they also must be used with strategy. In this video, Intel uses the story of a relatable and fascinating young person to consequently inspire the audience.

10. Intermarché: Inglorious Fruits & Vegetables

Takeaway: Solve a problem.

This multilingual online video marketing campaign certainly left many viewers in awe of its innovation. If you really want to catch your audience’s attention, then solve a global, national, or local problem. Moreover, give them a genuine reason to love your brand.

11. Volvo: Look Who’s Driving

Takeaway: Be creative.

Probably the most essential ingredient of any video project is creativity. Volvo’s video ad makes it on the list of best video marketing campaign examples because of its ingenuity. Take note of these successful video campaigns to produce one of your own.

Create Your Own Video Marketing Campaigns

Finally, it is time to create your own video strategy. Studying these examples of successful video marketing campaigns should spark some original ideas of your own. These video marketing campaign tips will only get you so far if you do not have a plan to produce high-quality videos.

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