How to Drive Sales with Personalized Videos

Drive Sales with Personalized Videos

In personalized videos, customers experience content offered exclusively to them. According to a University of Texas study about the Psychology of Consumer Choice, people want control over their choices. Even though the given content may be the same for the entire targeted audience, consumers appreciate the attention given to something designed with their preferences in mind. Businesses who understand the importance of effective video marketing are quickly making moves to learn how to drive sales with personalized videos.

As a result, advertising campaigns are focusing more efforts each year towards providing users with an exceptional, personalized experience. Marketers are turning rapidly to this new trend.

The Relevance of Video Advertising

Implementing video into your marketing strategy is imperative in order to attract leads and increase conversion rates. While there are many different ways to engage a massive audience, a personalized video strategy is proving to be the fastest and most efficient. Why is that?

  • Interactive, personalized video reduces the pile of information people have to deal with. When you are given smaller proportions of basic and crucial details, it is much easier to analyze and store that information.
  • Potential customers will pay attention only to the subject matter that interests them. You’re doing them a favor by eliminating unnecessary content.
  • Syndacast predicts that video will take up to 74% of web traffic in the next few years. Thus you simply cannot exclude video if you want to improve sales leads.
  • Eventually, great video content will drive conversion rates. People love to see something unique and dedicated particularly to them. That’s exactly why they’ll stay longer to examine what you have to offer and eventually buy your product.

Nike’s ingenious personalized video shows us not only that you need to create a bond with customers, but you also must show them the real results from using their products. And that’s a winning combination.

How to Create Effective Personalized Videos

personalized videos

In order to create a personalized video that will engage your selected audience, first divide the customers into groups. Then you are able to tailor the content more specifically. This way, each group can identify themselves with the video. If you’re not exactly sure how to create and edit the personalized video that will resonate with your audience, offers creation and editing services to large and small businesses alike.

The next step is to include the following essential elements so that your video serves its purpose.

  • The video should get straight to the point, but not in an obvious way. Focus more on engaging your customer and stay away from tampering strategies that are intended only to pick up an immediate sale.
  • Implement a call-to-action. You could incorporate a message at the very end of your personalized video informing the viewer of the next step. What can they do next? Besides that, you have the option to put subtle annotations directly into the video. Always remember to place them so that they don’t interfere with the overall viewer experience.
  • Speak directly to the crowd. It’s easier to take notice of a video when the viewer feels they are being addressed individually. You can do that with the help of platforms that collect users’ interests and information. Check out how that works in this Hubspot article about the technical side of video personalization.
  • The personalization experts at Sezion offer the perfect template for what ideal personalized videos look like:

How to Drive Sales with the Help of Video Marketing

Video marketing can boost your sales if you do it correctly. The following tips can show you how:

  • Gather more leads. Do that by having a concise video shaped by the consumer’s choices.
  • Include a video in your newsletter. When you provide compelling video in your newsletter, people are more apt to read it and watch the video.
  • Post your video to social media. By knowing where your customers are hanging out online, you have a quick way to easily reach high numbers of people.