How to Cooperate with YouTube Bloggers

youtube cooperation

Did you know that you can dress a YouTube celebrity in a t-shirt with your brand’s logo and hundreds of new customers will come to you the next day? This is only one way of taking advantage of a little YouTube cooperation. Read on to find out how you can gear the authority of other vloggers in favor of your channel, and learn why you should work with other bloggers to boost your brand.


For marketers and advertisers, the main advantage to all YouTube vlogs is a loyal and warm-hearted audience. Viewers, after all, do not just subscribe to the channel. For them, vloggers are friends and like-minded people. The audience is constantly on the watch for the next time you release new content. Therefore, a promotion technique that allows you to cooperate with other vloggers in your niche is one of the most effective YouTube advertising formats.

So why should a brand use another vlogger who has similar content as a resource for marketing purposes? Because it’s different from the everyday media advertising on YouTube, which often gets ignored by most people or completely avoided thanks to ad blockers. Instead, this method utilizes native content, which is advisory in nature, and which trains, entertains, and engages potential subscribers from the cooperating vlogger.

How to Find a Suitable Vlog?

Not all vlogs are equally useful. And it’s not even about style and the type of content delivery (i.e. educational, entertainment video, how-to’s, tips & tricks, etc.). It is important for a business to find a partner that has an audience that is ready to receive your brand’s information and respond to it.

For example, take a zoo. Who would be interested in reporting on handling raccoons? In addition to ordinary lovers of forest and fauna, potential markets might include the parents of pre-school children, primary school teachers, and the staff at children’s activity centers. We could conceivably find vlogs in the education sphere, the parenting niche, home and garden, or any place where the female audience is 30+. By broadcasting your video content to them you are widening your net and reaching many new prospects for your channel.

You can search channels manually by specifying relevant keywords in the YouTube search bar. The second option is using ratings. These services are effective. You can choose a suitable topic and look at the TOP channels sorted by the number of subscribers and views. Additionally, you can check out the engagement these channels are receiving in the comments section, paying close attention to the most active audiences.

Look at the Numbers

You may find many relevant Vlogs that you think would satisfy your needs in advertising through collaboration. It’s important to choose the most suitable and effective channels for your brand. This means finding those that will provide value in the form of audience growth and increased engagement.

Selecting the best possible YouTube-partner for your channel can be based on any of the following characteristics:

  1. The total number of subscribers/average number of video views. Per 100.000 subscribers, an average of 5000 video views is a so-so indicator; at least a quarter of the total number of subscribers should watch a new video. Otherwise, there is no sense in working with this channel.
  2. Likes and dislikes. Avoid channels with a large number of haters who regularly dislike videos, write negative comments and so on. Of course, almost every modern YouTube blogger has haters. Otherwise, the audience is not alive and active. But some you will see have more than others.
  3. Comments. If you see negative statements, do not hurry to drive the vlogger to the black list. There are always those who are ready to criticize content. Look at this channel in relation to others channels to see if things like audience participation and solid positive feedback outweigh the negative commenting.
  4. Advertising experience. Ask the vlogger for the cost of placement, and specify the available formats for YouTube cooperation. Naturally, the more popular the channel, the more expensive this will be. Prices can range from hundreds to thousands. Also, look at how the author implements partner content and how subscribers react to it. This will give you a good indication as to whether or not this channel is a right fit for you.

This is important so as not to spend money and time on a YouTube collaboration that nets little or no results. Keep in mind that the YouTube video blogging process is an extremely time-consuming job. Check out the video below to get additional strategies for establishing a cooperative relationship with a YouTube blogger.


What Format Do You Want?

Basically, there are no strict formats for YouTube cooperation with bloggers. You will be presented as per your agreement with the vlogger. For example, in a make-up channel collaboration, they might show a gadget’s unboxing. Then they may conduct a test drive of a new eyeshadow technique while wearing a t-shirt with your logo on it. Or by chatting about an upcoming trip using your online travel service.

Typically, a video in which the warehouse manager interacts with your product or service is the most natural and “edible” for the audience. The viewers, compelled by interest, pass to the advertiser’s site by the link in the description for a detailed study of the information. This format is called integration, and it has a higher cost.

For companies that work with bloggers, integration is more modest. But at the same time it may be less expensive. In this case, the vlogger occasionally mentions the brand in the frame. It is like the “product placement” in cinematography. It works well for brand recognition and memorability. In this case, YouTube advertising for brands is extremely effective.

youtube cooperation

There is also another format of YouTube cooperation with bloggers. It is relatively inexpensive and represents the implementing of a short ad before or after the author’s main video. It’s more like advertising but it’s nonetheless loyally perceived by the audience as related to their favorite vloggers.

The advertiser may not have a commercial per se. If not, a link may come in the form of a small statement or an annotation with the appeal going directly to the company’s website.

Niches and Numbers

What business subjects can you work with? With the right choice of the channel, almost any niche can count on contact with its target audience. The difference will be only in terms of coverage and response to the material.

The more specialized the niche and the narrower the theme of the channel, the lower the coverage and the fewer transitions to the site. Also, CTR depends on the format of the embed in the video.

YouTube Cooperation: Definitely Worth Trying

In content marketing, there are no cookie-cutter recipes for successful YouTube cooperation and promotion. In each individual case, you should test the methods described above. Determine what will be most successful in elevating your brand. Thanks to the systems of analytics and data provided by the dealers, advertisers can accurately predict the “exhaust” from the advertising campaign. As a rule, the traffic forecasts from YouTube’s vloggers are over-fulfilled. Additionally, over time, transitions from the posted videos do not disappear. The channel has new subscribers, the video gains more views and the effect is maintained for a very long time. That is why brands are work ing with bloggers more and more each day.

Now that you know how to advertise on YouTube vlogs, be sure to become a member of Valoso and stay informed of the latest and most proven video marketing tips & tricks.