Facebook Video Marketing in 2017: A Must for Your Business

Facebook video marketing in 2016
Image by Adweek

Facebook video marketing in 2017 is a must for your business. If you want to up your business video marketing game, Facebook is the perfect video marketing platform to achieve this for plenty of reasons. As you’ll learn below, video marketing for small business is not complete without Facebook marketing videos since the site hosts billions of views per day.

The social media website provides its users with unique video marketing tools and video marketing services. For example, Facebook marketing for small business not only includes video ads on Facebook but also marketing video production and viral video marketing. If you don’t have the right production, your video marketing on Facebook is a complete waste of time.

Because many brands, large and small, are moving their Facebook business marketing strategy toward video, you should too. Small business Facebook marketing is nothing to be afraid of, rather embraced. So read on to learn how using Facebook for business marketing will better your video content marketing strategy.

The Stats and Advantages Behind Facebook Video Marketing in 2017

Facebook video marketing in 2016
Image by Tyler Becker via Social Media Week.

Think YouTube will be the top video website for all time? Well, maybe not. In 2015, YouTube grossed an average of seven billion views per day, while Facebook had a comparable four billion. Although the margin seems large, this kind of race between YouTube and Facebook is impressive. The views will only continue to grow. So if you have never thought about using Facebook for business marketing, think again.

Facebook is gaining a lot of well-deserved traction in the video marketing world. A survey conducted by Mixpo recently revealed that just in 2015, 87% of respondents planned to run a Facebook campaign, while only 82% planned to use YouTube. This shows tremendous growth from the 78%/YouTube and 63%/Facebook results in 2014.

Studying the behavior of video watchers on YouTube is also important for your success. When videos feature captions, a Facebook press release revealed, the video view time can increase by an average of 12%. View time determines how many views you get because, in Facebook, if a user watches a video for less than three seconds, it is not counted as a view. Less than half of viewers will watch an entire 30-second ad after watching the first three seconds of it, so make sure those three seconds are captivating!

Because Facebook video marketing will only continue to grow, it is an excellent place for modern brands to find their footing. Social media websites like Facebook allow you to connect with your audience in a modern way. This is not possible with phone numbers, emails, and business cards.

Facebook video provides great targeting. Unlike YouTube, the videos are more filtered and directed toward a narrow audience, not just a category. If your business is not focused on a certain audience, the chances you will find any audience are slim. Also, with Facebook videos, you can work out a call to action strategy. Viewers can access your Facebook profile in a snap if you ask them to check you out. Make sure you Facebook business page is engaging, modern, and helpful. No one will want to check out your page if you don’t even have a profile picture!

What’s New for Facebook Video Marketing in 2017

Recently, Facebook has realized its vast video marketing potential. So, it has produced many beneficial marketing tools to help your business thrive. Because these tools are so available, it’s important to know how they work and why you should use them.

  • 360 degree video provides your audience with an interactive experience. They can scroll through the video to get various angles covering an entire 360 degree scope. This is a great way to market your products, or just have fun with the idea by making stunning videos.
  • Silent video is the way that many of your viewers will watch your video: sound off and on autoplay in their mobile newsfeed. Thus, experts urge businesses to approach modern Facebook video production to conform with silence. Instead of capturing your audience with audio, grip them with images.
  • Automatic captions have made the process of adding captions to your Facebook videos much easier. This feature goes hand in hand with the silent videos mentioned above. Plus, you’ll receive two lines of automated captions for free!
  • Live streaming video allows viewers to feel more connected to you. Be sure to alert your audience when you will be live streaming so they can attend. If they can’t make it, they can still replay the video later. Live streaming videos will give your brand an edge since its brand new to Facebook.

As you can see, not only is small business video marketing a great way to share your brand, but marketing a business on Facebook is just as crucial. Merging the two to come up with a Facebook video marketing strategy for business is the best way to go. Don’t neglect to use the Facebook marketing tips for small business found above so you can find success.

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