Event Video Marketing: How Keynote Speakers Add Value

Event Marketing

Event video marketing is reaching new dimensions and in 2016, keynote speakers are now central to every conference. Their presentations not only set the tone for the entire event, but also provide opportunities for companies to leverage their expertise in engaging customers and increasing sales.

If you’re wondering why key note speakers have become so important, think of what they can do. With the power of words and event technology, they can motivate, inspire, educate and entertain. They are able to do all this just as well in 5 minutes as they can do in an hour.

The one thing event planners don’t always realize is how important it is to invest in their speakers. According to PCMA Convene’s 25th annual Meeting Market Survey, organizers invest 7% of a meeting’s direct expenses into speakers and entertainment. One way to do this is through event video marketing.

Promoting Keynote Speakers

The benefits that keynote speakers add to events cannot be replicated with any other tools. Event participants know this well. This is why creating speaker-focused promotional material is essential for an event to be successful.

This type of event marketing will enable you to interact with your attendees as well as to raise brand awareness for your organization. Event planners use a variety of promotional tools including social media posts, blog posts and flyers. But there’s one type of promotion that stands out among the rest – event video marketing.

Event marketing

Examples of Event Video Marketing

A great way to generate buzz and remove any doubt from your audience about attending your event, is to use sneak peek videos. These provide people with a feel of what their experience would be like and convince them that it’s worth it.

Another great example are ‘save the date’ videos. They have virtually the same function – inspiring people to “save the date” and sign up as participants. While we’re talking about promoting keynote speakers – don’t forget to create short pre-event interviews with each keynote speaker and promote them on your social media channels!

An effective way to do this is by focusing on the area of expertise that each speaker brings to the table – and show it off. Combine this with a speaker intro and you’ve got yourself a powerful video promotion!

When the event is done, you can also create feedback videos and testimonials both from your team, your keynote speakers, and your audience.

Where to Use Event Promotion Videos

What event planners usually do is they share the videos on their social media pages – and then they’re done. In reality, there’s a lot more you can do with your videos to kickstart event awareness.

event video marketing

Got an email newsletter? (If not, you should!) Use it to incorporate videos and feature each speaker in a separate one to keep people waiting to see the next email.

Another essential tool is the website page. When using this strategy, definitely consider using a separate landing page for your video section.

Try giving some relevant tips and examples. Explain how to utilize these videos. Some examples would include sending them in an email newsletter, embedding them on website pages, or posting on social media pages. You can use tools like Optimizely to create beautiful and intriguing pages.

All in all, event video marketing is something many event planners are still not utilizing to its full potential. Make sure you stand out from the crowd!