How to Organize a Breathtaking Eco Event: Top 5 Secrets

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Want secrets on how to organize eco event of a different scale? By observing the principles below, you will be perceived as an organizer with modern thinking, social responsibility, and a caring approach. Don’t forget to ask the following questions about your upcoming eco event. Let’s get started!

1. Is It Interesting?

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Does your event raise questions? Does your audience want to learn more about it? Make your event more interesting by choosing an intriguing name and slogan for the event. Plan an event filled with creative and progressive activities. Will your speakers talk about trite topics or new ideas?

Eco events are nothing new. If you want a successful eco-friendly event, buckle down on your marketing strategy and create an innovative event that people will yearn to attend. Build a unique experience for the attendees.

Hint: Avoid event names or slogans with a negative call, such as “against,” “not,” and “prohibit.” Play on the bright side: call for a clean planet, free bicycles, planting alleys, eco-bags, etc. A simple, bright and alluring name will cause the first wave of interest and minimize event mistakes.

2. Is It Productive?

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Sometimes, the aftermath of an event looks like this: guests are gone, food is eaten, lecturers didn’t share their contacts, no cameras recorded the event, and you are left on  clean-up duty. Save yourself from pondering, “What was the purpose of all this anyway?” by devising a productive event.

Define a clear, decisive task to solve with your event. What do you plan to accomplish with your attendees? Do not save the fur seals in the Arctic Ocean; leave this to the Alliance for the Protection and Salvation of Animals and Greenpeace.

Rather, does the local children’s playground need new paint? Can you create a petition to power the streetlights on Main Street with solar panels? Whether your event is a physical projector or an illuminating seminar, establish a dynamic concept to achieve.

Hint: Take it a step further and plan your next steps after the event is over. Will you follow up with prospective clients from the event? Will you revise mistakes from this event to prepare for the next one? This will maximize the impact of your event.

3. Is It Really Environmentally Friendly?

This refers to the difference between posting a “Do not litter” sign and picking up litter at a park. You may be surprised at the number of businesses that use “eco-friendly” as a lure term, only to follow up with a business-oriented event. Events should certainly be social and profitable, but this should not be their main focus.

“Ecology” is thrift in existence. Environmental actions are those that do not cause negative consequences. Don’t only use “eco-friendly” as a marketable label. Instead, fulfill audience’s ecological ambitions beyond their expectations.

Hint: If you have doubts about the ecology of your event, conduct some market research. Poll potential attendees or colleagues. How many of them consider your idea worthy and important? Does your method really solve the problem simply, conveniently, and effectively?

4. Is It Profitable?


The benefit is not only a cash profit. If you create a breathtaking eco event, you can accomplish branding. Will this eco undertaking profit your company’s image? If so, specifically draw out how you plan to promote your eco event to boost your authority.

Events are also a great way to gain a new audience. An eco event can attract a fresh audience that matches your ideals, values, and vision of the future world.

Hint: You do not need to sell anything at the event itself. Why? When a person comes to the eco event, he is not ready to spend money. Instead, use this event as a leeway into customer loyalty and future purchases.

5. Is It Fun?

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Every event leader should remain positive. Even though planning an event can be stressful, look for ways to manage this stress and to sprinkle in some fun. An event should not drone on. Carefully time the activities of your handout.

Whoever is leading the crowd, whether a speaker or yourself, make sure they keep a lively attitude. Your attendees will reflect the mood displayed at your event. Take care that participants are enthusiastic to be at the eco event. Choose appropriate music, buffet, color and design, eco friendly event decor to radiate alacrity.

Hint: Don’t be afraid to end the event early. Your planned timing may not be perfect, and you don’t want to keep your audience waiting just to stick to the schedule. But remember to record your mistakes and make the agenda more accurate next time.

Planning Your Eco Event

Your goal is to plan the perfect event. It’s a hefty goal—one not even possible of achievement. But, you can come pretty close. If you follow the eco event tips above, you can create the ideal eco event. Remember to be creative and productive, and you can conquer the event playing field.

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