Explainer Videos: A Must for Your Startup

Knowing how to promote a startup successfully can be a challenge. One of the most crucial marketing strategies for startups is a simple startup explainer video. If you are clueless on how to market your startup, startup videos are the way to go.
Startup explainer videos can include anything from animated explainer videos, whiteboard explainer videos, and even product demo videos for startups. The possibilities are endless for your business’s explainer video production. Read on to learn how to make an explainer video and check out some explainer video examples.

What are explainer videos?

As you may have guessed, an explainer video is a sort of startup promo video, usually only 1-3 minutes. It explains your company–who you are, what you sell, how you work, where to find you, and why you do what you do. The best explainer videos are powerful, captivating, and, most of all, persuading.

Startup marketing is truly incomplete without an explainer video because your audience needs a visual tool to understand and share your company. You can also hire an explainer video company to create the perfect video for your business.

Why are explainer videos so important?

Explainer videos should always include a call to action
Image by dialogtech

Videos spread like wildfire over the internet. With an explainer video, your audience learns more about your company in a quick and entertaining way, which will make them more apt to share it. Especially with a call to action including links to your website and social media page, a startup video will amplify your conversion rates.

If you target your video toward your specific audience (e.g., vegetarians, runners, or employees of small businesses) and display your brand’s personality, the video will attract viewers and turn them into loyal customers.

Tips & tricks for a successful explainer video

  • Add a call to action. As mentioned before, a call to action will show viewers where to go to access your services. Without this crucial component, your explainer video will lose a lot of potential customers, subscribers, and followers.
  • Be clear and succinct. One of the best ways to do this is by setting a time limit for your video before you make it. Not only will viewers lose interest if your video is too long, but many people won’t even click on it in the first place. Make sure your script isn’t all over the place, either. Smooth flow makes for a successful video.
  • Have a message. If your video is just spitting out facts, the audience won’t care, let alone act. You need a message. Your message should basically be “Buy my product/service because ______.” You can add an additional message/slogan to your video to make it more moving, such as “Make change happen.”
  • Create a story. Again, simply spewing out facts or ideas won’t help. You need a story to capture–and keep–your audience. This story can be the story of your company, the (fictional) story of someone who uses your services, or something else. Be creative.

Do you need an explainer video?

Formulating a unique idea for your startup video can be difficult enough, let alone constructing and editing one. Fortunately, there’s Valoso. Valoso will take your idea and build it into the perfect explainer video for your startup.

All you have to do is describe your video idea, set a price and deadline, then wait for professional video editors to offer you their services. Now that you know how crucial an explainer video is to your marketing strategy, take the next step and head on over to Valoso to start the process.