6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting a YouTube Gaming Channel

YouTube gaming channel

Ever thought about starting a YouTube gaming channel of your own? The idea of playing video games for a career is exciting, but there are many ifs to consider first. If you are on the fence about setting up a YouTube gaming channel, keep reading to determine if you have what it takes.

1. Do you have the desire?

starting a YouTube gaming channel

Don’t start a YouTube channel only for fame or money. If you don’t have the desire for what you’re doing, viewers will see your lack of passion and move on to the thousands of other, more genuine gaming channels. Plus, playing video games is not the only thing involved in starting a gaming channel on YouTube.

Be honest with yourself. You may genuinely believe you have a desire to start a YouTube gaming channel. However, when it comes down to spending hours scripting, planning, gaming, filming, commentating, researching, collaborating, editing, and marketing, you may loose your passion.

2. Do you have the determination?

Creating a successful gaming channel on YouTube is not as easy as it used to be. You may enjoy all the work that comes with growing a YouTube gaming channel. But are you willing to persist? With rare exceptions, a good YouTube gaming channel will take months, if not years, to reach substantial numbers. Visit this site to read about first hand experiences with YouTube, get some perspective before you jump into the pool.

Many gaming channels are weeded out with time. Additionally, these initial months are filled with constant improvement and promotion of your channel. Before starting a gaming channel on YouTube, consider if there are other passions or occupations that will be more worth the time and effort for you.

3. Can you afford it?

A YouTube gaming channel setup is not cheap. You will need a high-quality video camera or smartphone camera extension, separate microphone, lighting, and screen-recording software at the bare minimum. Of course, you may test out the waters with your first YouTube gaming channel without spending anything on equipment or software.

A good YouTube gaming channel also requires video editing. You may download your own editing software, or you can make the process easier by hiring freelance video editors. Good video and audio quality is imperative for any YouTube channel.

4. What are your goals?

Determine what your purpose is for starting up a YouTube gaming channel. Do you plan on growing your social media following? Do you want to earn X amount of YouTube gaming channel income every year? Are you wanting to reach a certain number of people?

Every YouTuber has a different, personal reason for starting their channel. However, this goal defines your content and promotion strategy. Lay out your ambitions in specific terms that you can follow, not vague dreams to only hope for. Creating a short-term and long-term list of goals is essential for staying on track. Feel free to update these goals with time.

5. How much time will you spend?

starting a YouTube gaming channel

The more time you put in, the more rapid success you will experience. Do not expect to spend only five hours a week on your channel and reach a thousand subscribers in the first month. Whether you want to take up YouTube full-time, part-time, or as a hobby is up to you.

Set a minimum number of hours of work per week for your channel. This way, you can hold yourself accountable for your output. There is always work to be done with a gaming channel, from choosing the right channel art, to joining gaming forums online.

6. Where will you promote your channel?

YouTube gaming channel promotion requires focus. After growing to understand your audience, you can research forums, websites, and social networks where your viewers hang out. If you don’t interact with your audience, how do you expect to grow your YouTube channel without spending a fortune on advertising?

Promotional ideas include pitching to authoritative channels, commenting on forums and gaming videos, joining social networking groups, and collaborating with other beginning gaming channels. Where, when, and how you do these things all depends on your niche and audience.

Creating Successful Videos for a YouTube Gaming Channel

Hopefully, these six questions helped you clarify your thoughts on YouTube gaming channel success. As mentioned throughout the article, your videos are essential to converting viewers. Professional video quality is a must for all types of YouTube gaming channels.

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