Smart Video Surveillance: How to Choose the Right Camera for Different Situations

video surveillance

Video surveillance cameras allow you to monitor what is happening in in your home, business or property in real time from almost any device. With their help, you can not only respond to various problems promptly, but you can also rest assured that your loved ones and valuables are always safe and sound. Valoso decided to explore a different angle to understand yet another important use of video.

CCTV cameras are used in different ways. Young parents use them to keep track of their children in another room, or while they are work and the kids are with caregivers. Owners of pets use cameras to look after their pets. Residents of large cities can monitor the comfort and safety of elderly parents. There are also video surveillance cameras in the workplace, hospitals, retails establishments, and so on. In Singapore, a pilot program has been launched to install such cameras in the homes of all residents of venerable age. With the help of these cameras, senior citizens can not only communicate with their relatives but also consult a doctor without having to leave home.

Just imagine, modern manufacturers are now building cameras into alarm clocks, automatic pet feeders, and even toys for animals! People are less stressed when it is possible to check on what is going on at home.

In recent years, Ezviz Company showed rapid growth. This is the brand of video surveillance from Hikvision Corporation, which ranks first in the list of A&S Security – the 50 best companies in the security market. Ezviz produces cameras for different tasks – like caring for loved ones, and street and home surveillance. So, how do you choose the right CCTV camera?

CCTV Cameras for Caring

Modern manufacturers produce different cameras for different functions. Ezviz produces a C2C camera for those who want to watch their home, take care of relatives, keep an eye on pets, etc. These types of cameras for home use do have the fine tuning of other cameras and are not considered complicated video surveillance equipment. The target audience of this product includes parents who are going to install the camera for their children, owners of pets who leave them home alone during the day, and younger family members checking in on their surveillance

Installing a video surveillance system is possible with any metal surface by means of a magnetic base. A 3-meter cord is included to install it in a convenient place, and a metal plate that can be screwed to the wall in case there are no suitable surfaces. C2C is easy to install and also easy to remove. The camera’s view angle is 111 degrees. This is enough to monitor the room – C2C can cover the entire area. There is a night vision mode for watching in the dark as well. Kind of makes you feel like a real spy!

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Optimizing Your Video Surveillance Camera

The camera can be configured in such a way that when fixing on suspicious movements, it not only sends notifications to the owner but also includes a security siren.

Using a video surveillance software, you can optimize all the settings. In a mobile device, you can simultaneously monitor four cameras. The C2C camera has a microphone and a speaker. So you can not only watch but also listen to your video surveillance. Also, you can save snippets of records to your smartphone. While C2C camera does not have protection from moisture and dust, the device is suitable for home use. It shoots video in the resolution of 1280×720.

Video Surveillance for Property Protection

Obviously, equipment for monitoring business interiors is more compact in size and weighs less than street used cameras. But such devices do not have additional protection from external influences. The user can equip internal video cameras with slots for memory cards, motion detectors, microphones, Wi-Fi transmitters and various additional functions.

Be sure to pay attention to the model of the CCTV camera for the house Zmodo ZM – SH75D001. The Chinese company is widely known in the Asian market and produces high quality products. The user can install this device anywhere in the room. For a price of $40 U.S., the user receives a very decent wireless camera for video surveillance.

video surveillance

Specifications include a one-megapixel sensor with a maximum resolution of 1280×720 pixels. Support for the Windows operating system is available if you connect the device to a computer, laptop or Android and iOS when synchronizing with a smartphone or tablet using Wi-Fi connection and video surveillance app. The night vision mode operates at a distance of up to 10 meters. It is enough for an ordinary room in an apartment or house.

Video Surveillance for the Street

The clear winner in our comparative test is Netgear Arlo Q. The camera is set above the rest as far as image quality, cloud functionality, as well as with the equipment itself. Video recordings with Full HD resolution are clear – such characteristics are not usual. In terms of the latitude of the viewing angle, the camera reverts to the average: 130 degrees is enough for most situations, but some other models offer both 150 and even 180 degrees.

video surveillance

The strengths of Netgear Arlo Q are not only apparent in terms of image quality. A big advantage is the ability to use a vast cloud storage. You can get a whole gigabyte of disk space for free when buying a camera. Also, you are able to store data for a week. Do not forget that video surveillance often means using drones to shoot a video from a bird’s eye view!

Now you know how to choose a video surveillance camera. We we hope that you and your loved ones stay safe! Stay in touch with Valoso to get more useful tips on a daily basis!

video surveillance