How the Nintendo Switch Revolutionizes the Way We Play

The Nintendo Switch release has been a home run for the gaming company. Nintendo Switch reviews have skewed positively, giving Nintendo a leg up against its competitors. In fact, the Nintendo Switch stock sold out within days.

The consumer reaction has been phenomenal, but the way the Nintendo Switch console changes how we play is even more noteworthy.

How the Nintendo Switch Advances Gaming

More Social Gaming

The Switch system enables more social gaming, a trend that continues to grow exponentially. The Nintendo Switch handheld is easy enough to transport so people can play together on the go. Users can add friends on their Switch profile page to connect with other gamers.

Nintendo is currently working on adding Friend Codes to make it easier to play with friends. As long as your friends have Switches of their own, any party can have a practically unlimited number of players.

More Versatility

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Probably the most remarkable thing about the Nintendo Switch is its versatility. Gamers are not restricted to one way of playing or one type of controller. The Nintendo Switch controller allows users to play handheld or on the big screen.

Most other gaming platforms are limited to only handheld or television play. The console opens up a variety of gameplay, which may become a new gaming trend of 2017.

Virtual Reality

Nintendo has always taken a different approach to gaming than other consoles like the Xbox and PlayStation. Nintendo Switch VR might not resemble the traditional perception of virtual reality gaming.

However, the combination of social gaming, versatile consoles, sensors, and HD rumble makes the Nintendo Switch enhance reality. Likewise, the Nintendo Switch specs are impressive, though not groundbreaking.

Speed & Simplicity

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The Nintendo Switch brings added simplicity to the gaming platform. Nintendo will more than likely continue to develop the Nintendo Switch gameplay and technology.

The speed at which the console’s interface can switch between the TV and the handheld tablet has impressed many new gamers. Video games will start to move away from their glitchy pasts into a more reliable future.


Everyone knows one way brands have of reeling in consumers is by producing exclusive products. Since the Nintendo Switch launch, Nintendo has produced several video games exclusive to the console.

If gamers continue to love the Switch, this exclusivity will help Nintendo move up against its competitors. However, exclusive content may also limit the Switch’s appeal to new audiences.

The Future of Video Game Marketing

The Nintendo Switch can lend a lot of its success to its Super Bowl commercial. Nintendo’s new release and commercial received tremendous buzz online. Anyone can achieve more success in sales by implementing a video marketing strategy.

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