John Doe: Will You Meet The Roblox Hacker from Hell?

john doe

Yes, folks, March 18th will quickly be upon us and Roblox fans are already in a tizzy. What is all this hype with John Doe and his counterpart Jane Doe about? And why are gamers up in arms every time these mysterious hackers come out to “play”? 

Who Is John Doe?

When Roblox, a user-generated, multiplayer online social gaming platform was launched in 2006, John Doe first came onto the scene along with Jane Doe. Back in those days, these two accounts were seemingly set up by Roblox’ CEO to be greeters for all the new players who were getting used to the 3D worlds and maps. They had access to any server and could message any player.

john doe

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But, soon after the initial release came and went, John Doe and his sidekick were not really needed anymore. These “test accounts”, as they were called, were not closed, however, just set aside. Big mistake or part of the plan? No one really knows. With the help of a few yet unknown hackers, these accounts were said to have gone rogue and have been hacking their way into many a server. For some reason, it happens almost religiously every March 18th.

On top of all that, while no one yet knows who these mysterious hackers are, the rumors are flying that the original hackers were actually hacked themselves at some unknown point. If you look at John Doe’s profile page in Roblox, he has 8 friends, all of which have fallen under suspicion of being associated hackers. No proof yet and none of them have been blocked as of this date.

The Aura of Mystery and Intrigue

Avid Roblox YouTube gamers love to tell their stories of meeting up with John Doe. Even though it usually ends up causing major damage to their accounts or servers, if not complete annihilation. Stories, myths, and theories involving John Doe reach a fever pitch around this time of year. No one really has a grip on what is true and what is just more fake news. John Doe YouTube videos have already been popping up with news of a John Doe sighting here, and a John Doe story there, like this one, posted a few days ago:

Tips for Surviving a Visit By John Doe

When you are playing Roblox, there’s one thing you don’t want to see. If you ever start receiving random looking messages filled with code, you are doomed. That is the sure sign that you are in the process of getting seriously hacked by John Doe.

Luckily, there are several ways that gamers can try using to avoid damage to their account or server. One way is to simply forgo playing at all on March 18th. This is supposedly the likeliest day that you’ll meet old John Doe. The other is to create a separate John Doe Roblox account to play on, or you can even play as a guest (but most people say it’s not as fun). Other suggestions include creating a 2-step email verification. So there are still some ways to be part of the intrigue and suspense without risking your account.

However, it has come to the attention of YouTuber gamer, Tofuu, that John Doe actually logged in on March 12th 2017, six days before his expected return. Will he show up on March 18th as usual? And who will he be sending his malevolent messages to this time?

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