How GoPro and Tesla Destroy Digital Marketing

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After analyzing the Red Bull marketing strategy, we have come to question the success of other brands. There are at least two another outstanding companies in the world that manage to continually attract attention to their products. And without the help of traditional digital marketing tools. People from all over the world are becoming fans of GoPro cameras and Tesla Motors cars, thanks to their unique and effective digital marketing strategies. The fact is that there are no advertisements for these products on TV, on the streets, or in the media.

Most modern companies still turn to traditional advertising agencies and marketing consultants. But the experience of such famous companies as GoPro and Tesla Motors shows such an approach can soon become obsolete. Both companies use viral content for communication with their consumers. In addition, this content is distributed through social networks using the “word of mouth” method. Of course, this approach is hardly suitable for furniture manufacturers or plush toys, but it certainly works in the case of high-tech products.

GoPro video marketing is aimed at creating and distributing viral videos on YouTube shot on its own cameras. The total number of their views is almost 1.5 billion! But Tesla uses a different innovative approach: Tesla online marketing has a special designing tool, with which buyers can order a car with their own design and bundle.

GoPro Digital Marketing Strategy

At the heart of the GoPro manufacturing business is its philosophy. The company took up not just the production of video cameras, but decided to change the concept of photo and video. The traditional approach to this process looks like this: Someone performs a trick and the other person shoots what is happening. The GoPro marketing campaign can destroy the profession of videographer as such. Because the company allows people to perform and record their tricks all at once. The camera, located on the head or on a tripod, will capture everything itself. The remarkable growth in sales of GoPro cameras shows this approach has appealed widely to users. And yes, it has become evident that watching such videos is much more interesting.

GoPro experiential marketing has evolved GoPro from an ordinary manufacturer of video cameras for people leading an active lifestyle, to a company that gives people new emotions and impressions. Surprisingly, the purchase of such a camera awakens and expands people’s demand for adventure.

The Focus on YouTube

To promote its products and unique commercials, the GoPro camera marketing strategy uses YouTube only. More than 4 million people have already subscribed to the company’s account. Of course, they are lovers of sports and extreme recreation. The concept works: the last GoPro advertising video of Hero5 model gained 12 million views and received 5 thousand comments. And the company’s specialists answer questions about the equipment that come from users. This feedback was very effective. Most likely, if the company had promoted these videos on TV instead of their current strategy, it would not have been possible to reach such success.

Tesla Marketing Strategy

Thanks to the Tesla global marketing strategy, this company managed to become the most mentioned car manufacturer. Its main product, Tesla Model S, has become so popular and revolutionary that the company does not even advertise it. Moreover, it does not hold expensive press-shows and does not engage in stimulating the activity of dealers. The company does not order high-budget commercials on TV, like the Super Bowl halftime show, etc. That is, they do not do anything that is taken for granted by other auto manufacturers. Nevertheless, this did not prevent the electric sedan from becoming the most fashionable car in Silicon Valley. All this, and Tesla marketing expenses are zero.

Instead of traditional digital marketing, Tesla Motors employs a marketing strategy involving opening its showrooms. It also created an excellent website where a Tesla car can be ordered in just a few clicks; directly, without the participation of dealers. Showrooms do not exist so much for sales but to demonstrate the vehicles. People can take photos against the backdrop of the most fashionable modern car and place photos on their social networks.

digital marketing

Image Credit: Microbattery

But journalists create even more advertising for Tesla. They explore the car and study it. They conduct Tesla Motors marketing analyses and then… criticize. And the ill-starred reviews in the mainstream American media are answered by Elon Musk. In his comments, he usually does not hesitate to express himself freely. Every tweet becomes the cause of a loud scandal. Actually, Musk, by cultivating the image of Tony Stark, became an incredibly popular figure in the world press. Like Steve Jobs, he draws attention to his products.

Tesla and GoPro Leading the Way

Thus, Tesla and GoPro became the first successful companies in the world to succeed without TV commercials or other traditional digital marketing tools. They found more effective ways of moving forward. Although, of course, this approach works only if you have a truly breakthrough product or service that intrigues and amazes modern society. Do you have one?

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