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Did you know that the number of travel video views increases by 118% year over year? This is not surprising. Why? Because travel movies allow you, your friends and your family members to plunge into the atmosphere of a holiday vacation from the comfort of home. Let us show you some video editing tips for enhancing your travel clips, improving your shooting skills, and making that travel video experience even more enjoyable.

Keep It Short

Never shoot long holiday video clips. The maximum length of each clip should be 10-15 seconds. This approach allows you to create exciting and dynamic films by combining short clips. Otherwise, the movie may be boring to your viewers, and your funny holiday video idea will be doomed from the start.

Tips Video length

Stats are retrieved from Tubefilter

Pay Attention to Lighting

Lighting has a profound effect on the quality of the movie. The lack of light can make your film grainy and excess glare can cause overexposure. The sun is the perfect light source outdoors, so you can use it for your benefit.

During indoor recording, it is convenient to control light using curtains and all available lights (reading lamps, TV screens, etc.). When taking a video of a person, make sure they are located facing the lightest (i.e. towards the window, for example), so their features are clearly visible on the screen.

Be Careful with Close-Up Shooting

Close-up shots allow you to reproduce holiday video events as accurately as possible. This method adds diversity to your clip when organically added into your travel video. However, be careful not to overuse it. As Emanuel Lubezki (The Revenant, Birdman, Gravity, etc.) said:

“I see an incredible abuse of close-ups in many films these days…”

Do not Use the Pan

Often, travel video ideas involve pan. However, it is impossible to achieve high-quality panoramas without special tools (such as Steadicam, a tripod, etc.). In addition, this shooting method requires more time than usual and can end up looking awkward in the finished movie.

Your Smartphone is a Great Camera

Tourists do not always have the opportunity to enjoy a full-fledged camera to create holiday videos. However, today’s smartphones often have excellent cameras that have the ability to shoot Full-HD. They are not inferior to amateur cameras and it is quite acceptable to use such devices for travel movies. One of my cousins made a time lapse video while she was on Bus Tours to New York from Saint John NB and it turned out fantastic! Don’t limit yourself, try new ways of seeing and capturing.

Why is Video Editing Important?

Just imagine that two out of three U.S. consumers watch online travel videos when they are thinking about taking a trip. Every traveler wants to share experiences with family, friends and colleagues. However, travel clips can have many disadvantages, such as poor lighting, shaking, weak sound, excessive length, and so on. It will spoil even the most vivid impressions. Therefore, editing is a guarantee of quality for a professional-grade travel movie.

What is Valoso?

We want your travel memories to last in the best possible way. Therefore, we have created Valoso to ensure that you have the ability to edit your travel movie quickly and easily with the help of professional video editors and videographers from around the world. They will make your movie more organized, more interesting and of higher quality. Thanks to Storyboarding, you can describe your requirements and preferences without any confusion. Then our video editors will start working, adding the desired visual effects of any complexity, applying video filters and sounds, and so on. A movie such as this has the capacity to not just entertain your loved ones, but also become a real viral YouTube sensation.

You can create awesome travel videos by following the tips below and using Valoso for all the finishing touches.

Image Credit: Johnathan Paul