10 Holiday Event Marketing Tips to Boost Ticket Sales

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With all the competition, holiday event marketing can be a challenge. After all, how can you stand out amidst all the Christmas parties, family get-togethers, and other brand events?

Despite the obstacles, hosting an event during the holidays is a smart move for your business. Consumers are more receptive to your message. If you want to boost registrations for your upcoming holiday event, follow the tips below.

1. Examine your market’s holiday habits.

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What does your ideal attendee do during the holidays? If the answer is travel, then you might not have a big turnout at a local event. Tailor your event to fit their schedules and passions, and you’ll sell more tickets.

If your guests are too busy for your time during the holiday season, then consider hosting a live stream or webinar as opposed to an in-person event. If your target market includes families, be sure to promote a family-oriented experience.

Research your target market’s holiday habits through social media and demographics analytics.

2. Consider a hybrid holiday event.

A hybrid event combines the perks of an in-person event with the flexility of a live stream. If you really want to get more people to register, then consider hosting a hybrid holiday event. Many people do not want to commit to attending an event during December. Instead of requiring commitment, promote a flexible live stream option for attendees.

Make sure your live stream attendees feel equally immersed in the event. Live streaming drones could help create this atmosphere:

24 Inventive Ways to Use Drones at Events [Infographic]

3. Follow holiday trends.

Instead of hosting a traditional Christmas party or festival, add something modern to your event to boost sales. For example, include drones at your event. Or, an augmented reality Santa Claus and reindeer. The more your holiday event marketing campaign stands out, the more people will be interested in attending.

Choose from the trends below and brainstorm creative ways to incorporate it at your holiday event:

4. Promote in advance.

During the holidays, you will be competing with thousands of other brands and people for your customer’s attention. Instead of waiting till the last minute to get started, set a date for your event. Promote weeks and even months ahead of time to ensure you get top priority with your audience.

Create a “Save the Date” event invitation video for your holiday event and encourage your followers to share it.

5. Make your guests feel special.

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Your holiday event marketing should be about giving, not getting. Even though you want to grow brand loyalty with your consumer, the focus of your event should be to make attendees feel extra special. Once your audience knows you care about them during the holidays, they will trust your brand throughout the year.

Hand out personalized holiday goodies at your event, such as sugar cookies with each guest’s initials frosted on.

6. Inspire togetherness.

Christmas is a time to reconcile feuds, patch wounds, and form a bond of togetherness among the human race. Use this mood as a marketing tool. Consider expanding your brand to reach out to competing consumer bases. In your marketing plan, promote a feeling of togetherness within your niche.

Challenge your followers to invite someone they don’t know very well to your event, or partner with another business for your event.

7. Incorporate culture in your event.

Cultural events are always an effective way to boost your ticket sales. Not only will you attract a more diverse audience during the holiday season, but your guests will be more interested and open-minded during the event. Make sure your cultural goals align with your target marketing strategy, though.

Feature how different cultures celebrate the holidays during December, or share a live stream with Santa Claus tales from various countries.

8. Offer free holiday services.

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Offering free gift wrapping, a hot chocolate bar, or activities for the kids could be a unique perk to encourage people to register for your event. Every event should come with its own freebies, such as catering. During the holiday season, make these freebies oriented to help your customers during the holidays.

Promote your free goodies and services on the front line of your holiday event marketing campaign to potential attendees.

9. Keep track with automation tools.

The holidays can be equally stressful as they are relaxing for any business. Often, you have to get more work done in a shorter amount of time for your events. Automation tools can help streamline your event marketing, from emails to social media to website registration.

Although maintaining a genuine, human relationship with your clients is essential, automation tools can also save you time and stress. This will also you to focus on generating more sales instead of squandering your time with repetitive tasks.

Determine where you spend your time most inefficiently. How could you automate this process for the holidays?

10. Sell tickets on multiple outlets.

Oftentimes, users browse for upcoming December events by looking at event directories, such as Eventbrite or Facebook. Although maintaining focus is essential, expanding your holiday event marketing efforts can help to boost your sales. The more channels your holiday event is on, the more visibility you will receive and the more tickets you’ll sell.

Consider LinkedIn and Instagram as new event marketing outlets to promote your holiday event. More on LinkedIn event marketing:

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To rock your holiday event marketing strategy, be sure to follow the tips above. Above all, remember to make your guests the center of attention. Give them a refreshing, energizing holiday event, and in return, you will naturally grow your brand loyalty and recognition.

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