How To Use Your Phone To Shoot Pro-Quality Videos For Your Website

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One of the awesome perks of technology is being able to capture the best moment of our life in the simplest and easiest way. You don’t have to burden yourself with carrying heavy vintage cameras nowadays. You only need your handy and portable smartphone with you to start capturing a video!

Here are the top tips on how to shoot high-quality videos using your best smartphone cameras.


1. Use Tripod to Keep Camera Stability

We all know that we don’t want to watch a video that is shaky and blurry, it’s just not aesthetically pleasing to the eye. If you want to shoot high-quality videos, it is important that you pay special attention to the consistency and stability of your video.

And one way of doing that is by making sure your camera is stationary. An iPhone tripod can help you in maintaining balance and stability of your camera when capturing your videos. If you don’t have a budget in buying a tripod, an alternative tool you can use is Gaffer’s tape or an iPhone video stabilizer.

2. Film in landscape mode

You need to keep in mind that the standard resolution for HD TV is 16:9. In order for your video to maintain its best solution when watched on TV’s, you need to shot on your smartphone using the landscape mode. Landscape filming also enables you to capture in full screen, capturing more images and sceneries in the process.

3. Vary your angles when shooting a film or documentary

If you are trying to capture an important event, it’s important to try and get everybody’s side of the story. One way of doing that is by capturing every angle of a scene. Capturing different angles in a story lets your audience grasp the important details of the event unfolding before them and most importantly, to get the whole picture.

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4. Pay close attention to your camera’s lighting

If you are planning on capturing videos on your smartphone especially at night, you need to pay attention to lighting and effects. Your audience will not be able to tell what’s going on when your video is too dark. If you have enough budget, try to integrate your phone with a night vision camera to enhance your film’s lighting.
If not, alternative methods like Micro Pro LED from lite panels to improve the visibility of your lighting. You can read more for lighting tips on shooting at night here.

5. Free mobile Apps to filter and edit your videos

As much as possible, we wanted to edit our video to its finest and best visually-appealing quality. We can achieve that one by incorporating these free mobile apps (whether in Android or iPhone) to filter and improve the quality of your video:

  • Chromic (iPhone) – lets you add beautiful filters to your videos.
  • Flixel (iPhone) – it lets you transform your boring group shots into stunning cinematography.
  • reAction (Android) – it lets you upload slow-motion videos to Instagram.
  • KineMaster (Android) – is a free video editing app that lets you edit your video and add beautiful effects and filters before uploading and sharing it with your loved ones.
  • Squaready (iPhone) – it lets you apply borders to your landscaped-videos.
  • Hyperlapse (iPhone) – this app lets you stabilize your footage immediately. It is also the mobile’s top choice when capturing videos involving your kids and pets.

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6. Use Valoso for more powerful video editing

If you want to take your videos to a professional level and simply don’t have time to do the editing yourself, then worry no more. Valoso is here to assist you in editing your videos within your budget and your desired quality output. Simply post your project and let our elite valoso video editors handle it.