5 Creative Ideas for Video in Social Networks

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All of us have repeatedly heard about the importance of social video. And right now, video accounts for 69% of all traffic and attracts viewers mainly through social networks. But is using video for social media really worth hiring a video specialist to work on your team? What is the return on investment for video? How do you convince the boss that video is worth investing?

Good news! Video does not need to be expensive at all. Even without a professional team and equipment, you can independently strengthen your video presence on social networks and create one of the best videos for social media. To elaborate further, we have collected some of the best examples of creative and effective videos that did not require big budgets.

1. 15-Second Interview

Interviews are very effective because they expose your audience to two or more niche experts. Even if it’s a short teaser; 15 seconds is the ideal video length for social media. You can create an inexpensive short video, which almost instantly integrates with multiple social media platforms. It will be especially relevant in the framework of events, celebrations or important events.

Another reason for implementing video interviews is that subscribers appreciate the sincerity and naturalness of companies on social media. So, do not try to make your video perfect. Sometimes imperfection can be an advantage. The main thing is to make sure of the sound quality. Show your human side and have fun!

2. Stop-Motion Video

Stop-motion video is simple or, conversely, difficult. You can use improvised materials to create such a video. Recently, more and more amazing ideas for social media videos appear in the network. Here are some of the most memorable:

  • Use stickers

  • Use Illustrations

  • Add lines and threads

3. Shoot Close-up Action

Here you can fully express yourself and convey the personality of your company. Think about something every day that can be shot to convey your message. Habitual actions can turn into something beautiful and intriguing.

4. Instructions or Guides

One of the best video formats for social media is to shoot your screen and create an instruction or guide with practical advice for the audience. Video content for social media can turn out to be very short yet quite detailed.

Sometimes when using your product, customers need additional help, and social video content is a great way to solve their problem quickly.

5. Simple Funny Social Video

If you do not know how to create video for social media, sometimes it’s enough to create a video that will simply make your viewers smile. As we all know, everyone likes to share funny videos with friends. In this video, for example, people use a typewriter for the first time in their lives. It turned out very funny!

Believe it or not, creating videos for social media is pretty simple. Additionally, you do not need expensive equipment or qualified personnel. Of course, if you are the owner of a world-famous company, any mistake in video marketing is not forgivable. For small and medium-sized businesses, however, the idea is a must. Everything else is secondary.

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