Printing Videos: The Next Big Step in Apple Innovation?

printing videos

Apple’s newest innovation combines the charm of traditional photos with the liveliness of videos and GIFs. It’s called Lifeprint, and it’s sweeping the internet. The plaguing question, “Can you print a video?” has now been answered.

The Lifeprint printer brings augmented reality software to a whole new level by making printing videos a reality. Keep reading to learn more about the Lifeprint portable printer and how to print a video as a picture yourself.

What Is Lifeprint and How to Use It

printing videos

Essentially, the Lifeprint printer does not actually print videos. Rather, it prints coded photos that you can transform into vibrant videos by using an augmented reality camera on your iPhone. Printing videos can become a reality in your home. All you need to create your own augmented reality videos is the Lifeprint Photo and Video printer ($129.95) and the free Lifeprint Photos app (only available on iOS).

You begin by choosing a video from your library or favorite social media app. Next, choose a still shot from the video so your printer has an image to print. Finally, print the video-picture on your Lifeprint printer or send it automatically to someone else’s printer. View your creation through the Lifeprint Photos app’s augmented reality display, dubbed the Lifeprint Liveviewer.

What Consumers Are Saying About Lifeprint

printing videos

Lifeprint Photo and Video printer reviews by consumers have been consistently positive. Out of the eight reviews so far on the Apple website, seven of them are five stars, with the lowest rating for the product being three stars. This positive reception may just lead to a snowball effect where more consumers buy their own Lifeprint printer as they read the positive feedback.

The augmented reality experience that Apple’s Lifeprint provides is fascinating. One user shares, “I wish I could share the hyperphotos with you because once you see them, you are going to wonder why every picture doesn’t have this feature.” With the addition of the Lifeprint printer, creating an augmented reality has become the newest element of Apple innovation culture.

The Future of Printing Videos & How to Create Your Own

printing videos

Some critics have wondered if Apple is losing traction with innovation, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Apple innovation and creativity is at its peak with its introduction of the ability to print video pictures. Users can now print a YouTube video or their favorite Snapchat clip, bringing physical pictures to life. Who knows what is next?

From here, the augmented reality development of printing videos may just expand into all aspects of our lives. Newspapers, books, magazines, and even product packaging just may follow in the footsteps of this Apple innovation strategy. Brands big and small may introduce their own augmented reality apps that will shape the future.

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