21 Essential Skills of Professional Event Managers

event manager skills

A good event organizer is a real multi-armed Shiva. Of course, one person will not replace all the staff needed to hold an event. However, the event manager should have an idea of every area of an event and control the quality of work put out by the event team. If you want to sharpen your savvy, check out the 21 event manager skills below.

1. Have a sincere passion for events

This is something that cannot be learned—it is either there or it is not. If you have a desire to create memorable experiences through events, then event management is for you.

2. Excel in SMM

Among all other event manager job skills, social media marketing is among the most valuable. Develop a proficiency in effective, trending SMM on the most popular social networks.

3. Understand photography, videography, and design

These three aspects are essential to produce eye-catching event media. In the event of an emergency (or a low budget), an event manager should always have proficient skills as a backup photographer, videographer, or designer.

4. Communicate well

From pitching your event services to interacting with attendees, communication is one of the most vital event manager skills. Without proper communication, your team will be lost—along with your event.

5. Be a psychologist

event manager skills

Know the psychology of your event guests. A good event organizer can plan beforehand for the needs of the client, the attendees, and their team. Furthermore, psychological technique can help you negotiate as an event manager.

6. Know everything about your event

Being on a need-to-know basis with your event staff is essential to control the quality. As the event manager, people look to you for knowledge and insights about the event.

7. Contact with journalists

Network with journalists to prepare for your upcoming corporate events. If you can secure gigs for your clients, you have nailed one of the most essential event manager skills.

8. Write like Hemingway and count like Pythagoras

Become an expert at writing and counting because you’ll be doing a lot of it as an event manager. Learn how to count bills and estimate audiences, and become proficient in copywriting material and outlining tasks for every event.

9. Think outside the box

event manager skills

Understand the event trends of the day and predict where they’ll lead. Give your clients something new with your insights. Above all, plan for any scenario with creative solutions.

10. Be a sensible marketer

Make portraits of the target audience, and track the effectiveness of the event. You may even need to conduct marketing research.

11. Develop a taste for style

The organizer must determine how well the room is decorated at one glance. Without a taste for style, your occupation is narrowed down to the backend of the event. A creative mind, on the other hand, will put you at the forefront of things.

12. Sell with success

event manager skills

Even free events need a proficient sales team. When you learn to sell, your clients will fall in love with your effect on events. Plus, skillful selling helps you to secure more clients.

13. Don’t cause conflicts

In the sphere of event organizing, the belief, “The customer is always right,” works 100% of the time. The event planner should be able to settle any conflict situation, and especially to not be the cause of one.

14. Plan time well

The first-class organizer should control everything, including one’s own and other’s time. Time management is one of the most important event production manager skills.

15. Possess ingenuity

event manager skills

Sometimes, inconceivable inconveniences take place at the event. Ingenuity is key to solving these unexpected hinderances and even making sure the client and attendees don’t notice them.

16. Accept responsibility

Everything that happens during the event is under the responsibility of the event planner. It may be an accidentally broken glass, tech malfunctioning, or a poor speaker. The event manager should take initiative to prevent, and if necessary, solve these problems.

17. Strive for expertise

A good event manager will always be looking for new tricks of the trade to pick up. Your job is to handle the event so your client doesn’t have to. But you can only carry this out with the right amount of professionalism, knowledge, and skill.

18. Have a strong team

event manager skills

Of course, an event manager cannot (and should not) be an expert in all areas. Surround yourself with skilled specialists to make for a strong team and a great event.

19. Lead and coordinate proficiently

Event manager leadership skills are a must for your career. You must be able to take what is given you and coordinate a flawless—or nearly flawless—event.

20. Be a polyglot

Of course, knowing more than one language isn’t a required event manager skill. However, most events are filled with diverse guests from many cultures. If you gain a background in some interesting new languages, you will impress your clients and find new opportunities.

21. Practice optimismand a sense of humor

event manager skills

Event management means working at high speeds and multitasking with various people in limited time. Stress will get the best of you unless you remain positive. And without a sense of humor, circles under the eyes and emotional overloads are your best friends.

Wrap Up

Have you met any mentors with the above qualities? Becoming the ideal event organizer does not come without hardship. However, if you are proactive in developing each of these skills, you will guarantee success in your career.

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