Why Top Email Marketers Use a Video Landing Page

video landing page

While marketing videos are in the explosion stage of growth, the savviest email marketers are upping their game by using a video landing page.  Find out why expert email marketers are using video to increase click rates and engagement, and start implementing these strategies today.

Having a landing page with video can boost conversion rates by almost 80% over text and image based landing pages. If you want people to click through your landing page, using a video is the most effective way. Does this mean that text and images are completely out when it comes to landing page design? No, but a happy medium can be developed using all three, with video being the at the forefront. So let’s get to the top reasons why email marketers use video landing pages.

Concise Storytelling

Your business has a story and in 2017, storytelling in marketing ads is expected to see tremendous growth. A story in text is one way of getting your message across. But for your video-hungry audience, they are seeking a medium that provides not just written words. They want to see action, they want to see and hear you and your product or services.

The perfect way to keep your story going across all your marketing mediums is to piece out a bit of your story in every landing page. Always keep it within your business’s story, your passion, you. As an example, check the video below by Project Life Mastery’s Stefan Pylarinos:

Take notice of how he weaves his personal story into the message. It’s also short, has a strong call to action, and gives a lot of value. This video landing page, while shown here on YouTube, is used at his website and many other places. It effectively leads people to his free product to enhance engagement and build his brand.

Higher Click Through Rates

Many people will end up on your landing page, but how many will click through to the product you offer? This essentially is the click through rate. Since emails with video prompt three times as many purchases than Facebook and Twitter combined, a landing page with video is exactly what an email marketer needs. From capturing their customer’s attention (not to mention their email address!), to leading them through their buyer’s journey, the video works side by side with text and images to convey your exact message to your targeted audience. Ultimately, they click and purchase your product.

A Video Landing Page Gets Personal

A recent article by MediaPost.com explains how increased personalization and the growth of digital video point to a healthy future for personalized video. Today, video marketers already have programmatic video marketing tools to hone in on their exact target market using real time social media data mining. By combining this power with a personal message (or even a pointed question) directly aimed at the viewer, a landing page can come across as hyper authentic and engaging.

Create a video that speaks directly to your customer. They can see your earnestness, and your passion for what you do. Then let the video be the centerpiece to showcase who you are to your customers, one at a time. Make it come across as a personal message to just them. Text and images are there to support your message, but the video is the main attraction.

Conveying Complicated Content

Software company Autopilot gives their audience an aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate video landing page, as seen below. The video is placed front and center on the landing page with minimal text and graphics. It clearly grabs the most attention and quickly simplifies a complicated concept for its viewers.


‘Tis The Season

What? Yes, the holidays are over but guess which is the top month for people cleaning out their inboxes? January! This means new room for your awesome content in the form of email marketing videos. Make your video landing page authentic and fresh and you might just find your target market is easier to convert than ever.

Massive Growth in Video Landing Pages is Expected

According to an Eye View Digital case study, forecasters predict massive growth in video landing pages. Videos can potentially increase landing page conversions by 86%. It’s not a question of whether or not to include video into your landing page; it’s how fast can you implement this success-driven marketing strategy?

If developing a landing page with video seems too out of reach for your skills or budget, sign up below to get access to freelance professional videographers and video editors from across the globe.