Top Professional Video Editing Tips for Video Editors – Part 1

Top Professional Video Editing Tips for Video Editors - Part 1

As the video editing and production industry is booming exponentially, a vast amount of international pool of video editors has also emerged to compete and position themselves on top. In order to excel and have a competitive advantage over other video editors, you need to take your professional video editing skills to the next level. It’s time for you to enhance your skills and polish it to become a pro.

Here are the top professional video editing tips to become a pro in video editing industry.

10 Best Video Editing Tool for Video Editors this 2015 - Part 1

  1. Choosing the Right Video Editing Software
    On top of our list is picking up the best professional video editing software according to your preferences. There are thousands of video editing software that are out in the market and finding the one that works for you best may become a tedious task. To help you in choosing the right one, here are our top 10 recommended professional video editing software.
    Professional Video Editing
  2. Picking the Right Computer
    Now that you already cleared out your video editing software buddy, it is important to find the best computer specs for you. We all know that rendering a video eat up a lot of time in our schedule so it’s important that your computer is fast at rendering and responding so you can focus more on building your storyboard. You can inspect this checklist to check your computer Specs.ssd

    SSD – SS Drive is a fast storage drive for accessing your video clips, footage and software faster. The SSD may be a bit expensive than the traditional hard drive, but it is definitely worth on the long run because of its fast render, loading and export time.ram

    Memory RAM – When your PC have a high memory, your video editing can be done faster and easier. This is why we recommend that you will have at least 4GB of RAM. If you are dealing with large scale video editing project that requires hundreds of footage to edit, you can upgrade your RAM up to 8GB. The higher your RAM memory, the card
    Video Card – Video card is essential as it output the best graphic images and image resolution when you edit your video. This will give you the best overview of the visual effects and aesthetic aspect of your video.i7

    Processors – Your RAM, storage drive, video card and processors go hand in hand. If you already purchased higher specs for the first three, it is important that you also purchase a faster processor for faster editing and rendering. You can never go wrong with choosing for i7. open book
  3. Remember that You’re Editing a Story
    As a video editor, you might be overwhelmed on focusing on stunning video effects, action packed scenes and thrilling cliffhangers, but remember that the most important thing in video editing is relaying the story behind it. Don’t forget that it is your opportunity to connect with your audience, and they must be able to grasp the message you’re trying to relay on your video. shortcut keyboard
  4. Keyboard Shortcuts are your best buddy
    Keyboard shortcuts are very handy in managing your  time efficiently. These shortcuts allow you to navigate on your projects easier and faster. So it’s best that you familiarize these keyboard shortcuts to save more time, especially when you’re handling multiple large-scale video editing projects.