8 Event Videography Tips to Unlock a Powerful Event Video

event videography tips

Event photography and videography can be the key to unlocking more registrations, better branding, and even greater sales. With the right event videography ideas, you can rule the digital marketing playing field. Follow the event videography tips below to master your craft and make for a powerful event promo video.

What Is the Goal of Event Videography?

Event videography can serve a lot of purposes. You may want to record an event to sell the experience to people who couldn’t make it or guests who want to remember their experience. However, most commonly, businesses want to film their events to create a promotional event video:

How to Unlock More Conversions with Your Event Promo Videos

Video is a proven tactic to boost engagement, enhance digital marketing, and convert more viewers. Video is highly shareable, highly engaging, and highly explosive. With the right videography tips and techniques, you can create a branded video for your event that will stand out and skyrocket your visibility. Now, check out these event video coverage tips below to accomplish your goal.

Top 10 Event Videography Tips

1. Plan, plan, plan.

As tip #1, planning for your live event videography is crucial to get the right shots. Have a vision in mind for your event video, and formulate that vision onto paper. How long of a video do you want to create? What parts of your event would you like to show off? Map your shot locations and scheduled times.

2. Use the right event videography equipment.

One of the most essential event videography tips is to use the right equipment! Find the best event videography camera to accommodate your needs. Depending on the scale of your event, you may require several cameras, microphones, and lighting setups. If you are not a professional videographer, consider hiring additional help to film your event:

Where to Source Event Videography for Any Occasion

3. Prepare for editing.

Video editing brings all your footage together into a dazzling event video. However, you should never be sloppy with event videography and expect the editor to fix it all. Instead, keep the thought of “How will this look in the editing studio?” in the back of your mind while filming. Give your editor workable footage.

4. Consider your lighting.

Depending on the setting, you may need to prepare some adjustments to compensate for lighting. Well-lit indoor areas and the sunny outdoors are usually not a hassle. But if you are filming at night, plan for additional setup time and follow the tips in the video above.

5. Don’t make the viewer dizzy.

Action and movement within an event video is certainly important to amp up your audience and create a sense of activity. However, the video camera itself should be stable much of the time, and you should work with an experienced videographer who knows how to handle a camera in movement.

6. Hope for the best, expect the worst.

We all hope for a flawlessly smooth special event videography experience. However, this is not always the case, and you want to be prepared for when things go awry. To make for a successful event, you should always plan back-ups for your event videography gear. The article below summarizes a guide for how to prepare for tech disaster at an event:

Event Technology: Disaster Preparation 101

7. Remember sound quality.

The video above makes a good point. Although video definition is essential to capture a clear picture of your live event, sound quality is equally important. You may choose to add in audio later, but if you plan to record any sound at your event, be sure to come equipped with microphones! Furthermore, you can hire an audio specialist to edit your sound.

8. Set your white balance.

Custom white balance is important to remember when filming an event. Inexperienced videographers may opt to set their white balance to “automatic” on their video camera, but this is not the way to go for live events. Instead, ensure all of your video cameras have the best white balance for a sharp final product.


All in all, the above event videography tips should have you set for success. Event videography can be a breeze if you simply follow protocol and hire a specialist if needed. Creating a breathtaking event video is essential to event marketing prosperity.

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