Grow a Massive Following by Live Streaming with Periscope

periscope live streaming

2015 was the year that brought live streaming into every consumer’s home. With Periscope, Facebook Live, and many more apps popping up every day, our phones have now become live streaming devices – for better or for worse.Inside the live streaming world, one app stands out – mostly because of the unique features it offers. Periscope, which is owned by Twitter, was officially launched in March of 2015 and gathered 10 million users in its first 4 months of existence.

periscope live streaming

If that wasn’t a hint for what’s to come, I don’t know what is!

In December of the same year, Periscope was named “App of the Year” by Apple. By that time, everyone knew live streaming would be the next big thing.

Periscope is Unique Because….

Apart from being one of the first live streaming apps to hit the market, what makes Periscope special is the reason behind its creation.

The founder, Kayvon Beykpour, was using Twitter whenever he wanted to read about international events in real time. After a while he realized it would be even better if he could watch those events as they were happening. This is how the idea for Periscope came alive.

Today, even though live reporting is still very much alive on Periscope (you can even see footage from Syria), everyone seems to use the app in different ways to fit their needs.

From marketers to business owners, to people who want to show their musical talent, Periscope brings both immediacy and a global reach.

What’s the Key to Growing My Audience with Periscope?

Those with the most success on this live streaming app are those who have discovered the crucial key: to combine entertainment and value, otherwise known as infotainment. 

From Alex Khan, who scopes about social media tips and techniques to drive more sales, to Arnold Schwarzenegger, who… well, people are going to follow regardless of what he says – providing value is essential.

Talking about value… one of the most influential scopers, Zach Spuckler, does daily scopes where he talks about his challenge training business and helps people think of challenges in a positive manner.

Another ingredient in the recipe for Periscope success is consistency – as in every regular social media channel. Showing up every day and having a consistent look and feel to each broadcast makes a difference. It engages people because they know what to expect.

Contrary to popular belief, implementing these strategies won’t make you ordinary or predictable. It will help you create a consistent brand.

How Can I Increase Brand Engagement?

Most Periscope users do not expect a professionally edited video. They are expecting off the cuff video content showing who you really are. Your followers want to know about YOU – they are seeking more engagement with you and your brand. Millennials have been sold the same old marketing pitches to death and are ready to use Periscope to see fresh, casual content that humanizes your company and keeps them coming back.

What’s the first thing that stands out when someone looks at your Periscope profile?

periscope live streaming

That’s right – your photo and bio. If you’re an entrepreneur – make sure you have a high-quality, professional-looking photo up there. As for the bio, use it to not only tell people what you scope about, but to draw them in.

From this point on, you need to tap on that “Start” button and create your first live stream. After you do that, the opportunities are endless!

From collaborating with more influential scopers to doing a Periscope take over for a business: if you truly want to grow your following by helping people, everything else will come together. Whether it’s selling your new book, promoting your Facebook group, getting new clients – it can all be done with Periscope.

I left the best for last!

The One True Periscope Requirement

There’s one thing that’s a must when live streaming with Periscope.


Too many people go live attempting to be someone else. If you have a quirky sense of humor – show it, it’s a perfect fit. If you’re a true professional and like a clean and organized workspace, then that’s what you want your scopers to see. People can only relate to you if you give them something to relate to!

You can probably tell how massively important it is for event planners to use live streaming in their event marketing strategy. Tell us about your event and we can take care of your live streaming needs for you!