Virtual Reality: How To Create a 360 Degree Video

virtual reality

One of the ultimate dreams of video producers and video editors is to create an astonishing panoramic 360 video camera with the incorporation of our own virtual reality.

Whether you dream of creating a futuristic and Sci-fi environment, a prehistorical environment like that of Jurrasic world, you can make it happen by shooting and creating your own virtual reality.

Here is a step by step guide to creating your very first virtual reality.

The 360 Degree Video Camera

Choosing the right video camera equipment is vital in creating your virtual reality. Your video camera must be able to capture high-quality spherical or panoramic view under extreme conditions. The most popular video camera equipment used in capturing 360-degree video is the GoPro series.

virtual reality gopro camera

GoPro Hero4 cameras specifically have camera rigs that can hold 6-10 cameras to capture spherical shape the camera’s view and overlap these portions to eliminate the gaps in the footage. It also allows flexibility at the seams.

Camera Location

When you are capturing a 360-video camera, always remember that it captures everything. Yes, that includes you, and your crew.

It is important that when capturing a video for your virtual reality environment, you must consider the camera’s location carefully. You can make yourself or your crew blend into the scene, or hide.

Envision the actions and scenes what will take place. How your virtual reality should interact with the camera? Also, make sure to consider consistent lighting to ensure consistency.

Camera Movement

The last thing to consider in capturing the video for your VR environment is the camera’s movement. Since the video can capture everything, those things that support your video camera will also be visible in the final result.

Example for this is if you hang your camera in a drone, the drone will be visible too. Though you can hide smaller objects in post-production, it becomes a lengthy and tedious process.

The best thing you can do is to calculate and intend any motions to create an interactive and immersive experience for your virtual reality.

Editing Your Video Footage

Capturing the video is only half of the tasks in creating your virtual reality. All of the footage you shot have to be downloaded and synchronized together before it can be viewed in a VR headset.

The most popular 360-video editing platform is Kolor Autopano software. It works on both Windows and Mac, and t is also compatible with YouTube. It lets you automatically syncs your footage in a 360-degree video.

You can also download and render your frames in HD, 4K. Here is a sample video tutorial on how to edit your video on Kolor.

If you don’t have time to synchronized and edit your videos while ensuring its high-quality content, you can always count on Valoso to do the editing for you.

You only have to upload your video files in just one click and hire a qualified video editor to edit your virtual reality professionally.

Virtual Reality Technology

The last step in creating your own virtual reality is to view it via VR headset. You can do this by purchasing a VR headset that incorporates a virtual reality technology like Oculus technology.

oculus technology

It provides the most immersive, and realitistic methods in enjoying your 360 videos. It lets you enjoy high-resolution panoramic content with an interactive experience.

Uploading Your 360 Degree Video

Uploading your 360 videos in YouTube is a little complicated than the normal uploading process. Here is a step by step guide in uploading your video on YouTube.

  1. Download the 360 Video Metadata app for Mac and Windows
  2. Unzip the file and open the 360 Video Metadata app. If you’re on a Mac, you may need to right-click the app and then click “Open”
  3. Select the video file
  4. Click “Inject and save”
  5. Enter a name for the file that will be created
  6. Save the file. A new file will be created automatically in the same location as the original file
  7. Upload the new file to YouTube
  8. Wait for the 360 degree effect to process. This may take up to an hour.