The Future Technology of Video Storage

Gone are the days where we need to purchase a couple of DVD’s to store our ongoing or final video files. With more and more consumers obtain easy access to the internet and portable devices, video storage files have also evolved to provide convenient access to these video files wherever you will go. There is no doubt that the future storage of video technology now lies in the cloud.

Projected Life of DVD and Blu-Ray

DVDs and Blue-rays once dominated the video industry with its convenience in displaying and sharing videos. You only need to have a TV and DVD player in your home it.

The problem with DVD’s is that it only offer limited space for your video storage.

You’ll eventually run out of space as the data capacity for your digital video files tends to grow, and purchasing a new disc every now and then for additional storage seems an impractical one.

It is also no longer compatible in streaming players such as VLC and portable devices. You will need to rip the video first and convert it to have the video played.

Moreover, most video editors had a hard time in encoding the video file format for DVDs. The video industry roughly estimates that the lifespan of DVD’s will cease to exist five years from now.
The Future of Video Storage
Now that the usage of DVDs is becoming obsolete, the next generation of video file storage now lies in the cloud. Cloud video storage offers a great convenience to access your audio files and video clips wherever you go, whatever devices you used.

Aside from that, you won’t have to worry about running out of space as cloud storage solutions offer unlimited online storage for your video files.

Here are the top cloud-based storage solution providers you can choose from:

Google Drive for Work

1. Google Drive for Work

We all know that Google already offers a handful of cloud-based storage tools like Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

But with their extended service for Google Drive for Work, your working team will be able to collaborate in your video files either in web or mobile.

You can upgrade your storage up to 100GB for only $1.99/mo and 1TB for only $9.99/mo.

dropbox for business

2. Dropbox for Business

Dropbox was the one who started all the fuzz in cloud storage industry. And up until now, the company is paving its way in becoming a solid force in this market.

Dropbox offers utmost control sharing and managing your files, such as how they are shared and viewed, password-protection, as well as an expiration date for files. It uses 256-bit of AES and SSL encryption to protect the integrity of your files.

The most notable feature of Dropbox its ability to edit and manage your files across all devices, Either you’re running a Windows, iOS, Android, Blackberry, or Linux OS. You can access this service for only $15/mo.


3. OneDrive

If you are a Microsoft User and also loves to work with Microsoft Office for your video transcripts or scripts, then OneDrive is very handy for you. It offers 1TB of storage for your video files along with Office 365 subscription for only $6.99/mo.

If you want to use OneDrive for business, you only need to pay for $2.50/month for 1TB storage each user. In any case that you need more storage, you only need to pay for additional $0.20/month for an extra 1GB. This is more affordable than Google Drive or Dropbox.

Amazon Cloud Drive

4. Amazon Cloud Drive

Cloud Drive may not be as popular as Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive, but its current service offers its notable feature of storing unlimited photos, videos, music, and documents as long as you can pay the yearly subscription of $59.99.


Video Editing and Video Storage at Valoso

In order to offer the best video editing experience for both our clients and video editors, we’re glad to announce that we have incorporated our crowdsourcing platform with Dropbox’s storage video technology.

At Valoso, you only need to upload the video clips, photos, and other files you need for your video project, and your video editor can edit your video for you anytime, and anywhere.

There’s no need for personal meetups just to give your files. Likewise, you can access the video editor’s final product on Dropbox. We see to it that we provide a seamless video technology and crowdsourcing platform for our clients.