8 Event Live Streaming Ideas to Nail Internet Marketing

event live streaming

The last couple of years have been all about YouTube celebrities and their rise to fame. In fact, we got so accustomed to video, we almost didn’t realize that a new phenomenon had taken over the world. We’re not talking about pre-recorded video, but live video. Let’s take a look at how event live streaming can change everything for event marketing.

Now that live streaming is here to stay, it’s hard to imagine our lives without it. With Meerkat and Periscope being the pioneers, it didn’t take long for Facebook, YouTube and a ton of other platforms to follow.

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The Value of Live Streaming

As an avid live streamer myself, I can go on and on about the importance of live streaming.

If you’re trying to build a business, promote your services, establish yourself as an authority in a certain industry: you need live streaming.

It has an incomparable ability to bring people from obscurity into live streaming stars that people turn to when they need help. Which, consequently, turns streamers into sought after experts with seemingly vast quantities of knowledge.

What many are yet to realize though, is the value live streaming brings to events – did you know that 30% of people who watch a livestreamed video will attend that same event the next year? To modernize your own event marketing strategy, check out these 8 awesome event streaming ideas.

event live streaming
Source: utah.gov

8 Event Live Streaming Ideas for Massive Event Success

1. Live keynote speaker interviews

One thing event organizers don’t do enough is promote their event keynote speakers. It’s one of the easiest organic ways to create a buzz around your event and introduce the speakers to your audience.

With live interviews, potential attendees can get a sense of who they’re going to see and what to expect.

2. Q&A sessions

Panel discussions and Q&A sessions are typically the most interesting parts of many events. Since live streamed event videos can be shared later, those who aren’t able to make it would definitely appreciate the chance to see what they’re missing!

3. Product launches

This is one of the most effective strategies for reaching a large audience. People don’t like reading nearly as much as they like watching videos, and what we used to do after the new iPhone launch, was scout the Internet for articles.

Now, thanks to live streaming, we can tune in and see the whole presentation for ourselves. In fact, at 4A’s Transformation 2016, in recognition of the fact that many couldn’t make it to Miami for the event, 4A’s ensured that they would still have engagement and participation.

To do this, they streamed the entire event live and their online viewership increased their audience 25x with over 16, 000 people watching live.

4. Virtual venue walkthrough

For the ultimate way to help your audience get a feel for the place they soon will be visiting, take them on a walk while you’re live streaming. Show them where everything is, but don’t forget to keep some things to yourself. Audiences love surprises!

5. Backstage sneak peaks

It’s no secret that everybody loves sneak peaks. Send your mobile device on a speaker hunt behind curtains to show your virtual fans how the speakers are getting ready just minutes before they hit the stage. This will serve as a way to build authenticity and trust and set expectations for future events.

6. Ask me anything

A great idea to wrap up the event is to seat all speakers on the stage, position the camera at the front and host an “Ask me Anything” live stream.

It doesn’t have to be more than 15-20 minutes, but it would definitely make a difference for those who were at home, missing out on the entire experience. The present audience managed to get their questions in, but the virtual ones didn’t.

Just make sure there’s someone reading all the questions and making sure the event live streaming is up and rolling.

7. Influencer live streaming

Connect with live streaming influencers and give them a free pass to your event in exchange for being featured in their streams. Don’t forget to seat them at the front row – you want great live videos without any heads blocking their view!

8. Event prep

We’ve moved far away from times when people only liked seeing the end product. Now, as consumers, we want to see the entire process from scratch. We ask how our food is made, how TV stars become famous, and where our kid’s teacher grew up.

It’s not much different when it comes to events: people want to see everything. From preparing the stage, to putting the gift bags in place. The sooner event planners realize this – the better.

What’s Next

The connection you can potentially create with your audience thanks to live streaming is virtually unheard of. Regular video and blog posts can never have the same impact on a person for the sole reason that people appreciate live interaction – it makes them feel special.

As long as you test your equipment, optimize your audio, and follow the tips above, your virtual audience will be just as pleased as your physical one from your event live streaming–if not more.

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