RFID Wristbands for Events: How to Integrate the Latest Tech

rfid wristbands for events

RFID wristbands for events are becoming increasingly popular. The new technology makes it easier for attendees to participate at the event, make purchases, interact with others, and more. RFID wristbands provide endless potential and branding opportunities for your event. Let’s take a look at how the technology works!

What Are RFID Wristbands?

You may have used an RFID wristband before, whether at a concert or at an amusement park. Believe it or not, this kind of technology can be incorporated with any event. RFID technology takes event wristbands to the next level.

RFID stands for radio frequency identification. Simply put, RFID wristbands contain a chip and antenna which work together to transmit signals and information over radio waves. This type of technology eliminates the need for tickets, wallets, and identification.

RFID enabled wristbands are easy to set up after making the purchase. Event planners have many RFID wristband suppliers to choose from. Simply perform a Google search and start cracking down on distributors for your event!

Each of your guests if given a unique RFID tracking code, which can be linked to an online account. On this account, users can add their identification, ticket number, payment information, social media profiles, and so on. To program the bands, you may want to work through your RFID wristband dispenser or hire a RFID specialist.

Types of RFID Wristbands

RFID wristbands for events

Choose the kind of wristband that best identifies with your brand theme and event atmosphere. For example, Disney World offers waterproof RFID silicone wristband products to accommodate its waterparks. Their wristbands are also colorful to complement the theme park’s fun, kid-friendly atmosphere.

Some common materials for the bands include silicone, vinyl, paper, and fabric. Many RFID wristbands at festivals and concerts use LED lights, as well. Take advantage of this branding opportunity to choose a type of wristband that will amplify your brand. You can even expand beyond wristbands, using RFID tech for lanyards, cards, tickets, and more.

Why Choose RFID Wristbands?

As you can expect, RFID technology is more pricey than traditional systems of ticketing, payment, and identification. However, the tech can also save money on security and fraudulence. The streamlined process will also make your event planning less stressful and more efficient.

Furthermore, the increased branding and customer satisfaction offer an impressive ROI. You may find more people wanting to attend your event because of the exciting RFID technology. At your event, people will also want to use their RFID wristbands more—which means more social likes and shares and more consumer purchases if properly integrated.

Jump onto the RFID train before it becomes a standard. If you are one of the first companies to implement RFID wristbands for events, you can become a leader in the industry.


RFID wristbands for events

RFID wristband solutions have three main downsides to consider:

1. Privacy

Some users may be concerned about their privacy with an RFID chip. If your target audience is privacy-oriented, you will want to assure them of their privacy in your event marketing campaign. RFID wristbands cannot track the wearer’s location, as the chip must be within a certain range (usually inches or feet) of the reader.

2. Integration

Integrating a new technology into your event marketing plan can be a daunting undertaking at first. However, the payoff is very much worth it. Often, first-time event organizers and businesses will hire an RFID specialist to set up and troubleshoot the RFID event system.

3. Cost

As mentioned before, cost can be a main hindrance to using RFID wristbands for events. To recuperate this cost, you can add a surcharge to the ticket price for the RFID wristbands. However, remember the added financial and marketing benefits of using RFID wristbands mentioned previously.

How to Purchase & Integrate RFID Wristbands

rfid wristbands for events

RFID Wristbands Cost

This might not be the answer you want to hear, but the cost of an RFID system for your event is highly variant. You can pick from so many different types and materials of wristbands. They can be disposable or reusable, paper or silicone, and so on.

Furthermore, the scope of your event is a major consideration. The number of attendees you expect will affect how many wristbands you will purchase. Furthermore, you must also take into account the complexity of your RFID system. How many RFID readers will you need? What kind of information needs to be stored on each wristband?

Find the wristband that suits your needs, then obtain a quote for the quantity you desire. Then, you can purchase as many RFID readers as needed that are compatible with your wristbands. Typically, purchasing the wristbands and readers from the same company simplifies the process and prevents any technical difficulties.

Uses for RFID Wristbands at Events

rfid wristbands for events

1. Ticketing & Entry

RFID entrance wristbands allow guests to tap their wrist onto a reader upon entry. This eliminates the tedious process of ticket scanning and checking.

2. Purchases

At your event, you can also look forward to making more profit off merchandise, catering, and so on. People are more apt to spend when the payment process is almost nonexistent.

3. Security & Identification

An RFID chip is difficult to copy. This technology eliminates fraud tickets and repeat transactions. With RFID wristbands for events, you can ensure that everyone entering your event has purchased a ticket and has proper identification.

4. Analytics

RFID readers can track how guests move at your events, hot spots, queue times, busy periods, and so on. These insights can transform your market research without invading your guests’ privacy.

5. Social Media

Guests can like your page on Facebook, share a picture on Instagram, and more with the flick of a wrist. Through your RFID programming, guests can link their social accounts to their wristbands, making social sharing a breeze.


Events that use RFID technology stand out from those that do not. If you have not yet experimented with RFID wristbands for events, it’s time to start. Valoso is ready to help you with all your event marketing and video production needs. Visit our homepage to see what we have to offer, and fill out the contact form to get in touch!