VidCon 2016: The Latest Trends in the Video Industry

It’s that time of year again – the time of VidCon, the largest conference for those interested in the online video industry and the latest news in video marketing.

As usual, VidCon didn’t disappoint: there was something for every level and type of creator or video enthusiast. Here are the most important and groundbreaking trends highlighted especially for you!

The Most Popular Trends in the Video Industry Now


It’s no surprise that our list is topped with trends that suggest authenticity, originality and diversity: key factors behind the success of any marketing or branding strategy.

Live Streaming

Most of us are familiar with Facebook Live, Periscope and YouTube. The best way to understand how influential live streaming is becoming, is to look at the results in the AppStore or Google Play after we enter the words “live streaming” in the search section.

There are apps popping up every single day, trying to take a piece of the live streaming cake, but it’s the already established apps that are currently raking in the best results. There are, however, some newcomers that seem to be doing quite well – like Busker, for example. Only a few months old, the app just released its Android Beta and it’s already in the public eye.

Live Streaming quickly rose to the top of the list of methods to engage followers and increase brand awareness. Many business owners are now building loyal communities through their streams.

Repurposing vs. Unique Content

The repurposing train has officially left the building. Viewers no longer have interest in seeing the same content everywhere, which means no more cutting up videos and putting them on Instagram.

Look at it this way: if it can be done easily, it’s probably not going to work. Choosing the path of least resistance is never a good strategy when it comes to the video industry. It’s proving more and more valuable to create native content for each platform, because the videos can be specifically designed for the needs of that platform.

Not to mention that by doing this, you can reach a broader audience across multiple channels and make them feel special by providing unique content.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is quickly becoming the hottest video trend on social media. If we take Snapchat as an example, fashion brands were among the first early adopters to get fashion vloggers in front of the camera. The brands who manage to implement influencer marketing as part of their digital marketing strategies are going to succeed in the long run.

If we look at the pros and cons, yes, it does take a lot of time and resources to do the necessary research and find people relevant to your industry that fit well with your brand values, but it’s more than worth it. Finding an industry influencer to help you deliver your brand message across different channels can be very beneficial, considering it sometimes takes these people mere minutes to make a product sell out.

Focusing on Your 20%

Every brand has its own 20% of its audience that is the super fan. The best video marketing idea you’ll hear today is this one: when you’re creating content, focus on them: trying to please everyone can be a dangerous thing.

It’s the loyal followers that will do your word-of-mouth marketing for you. Who they connect with can determine a large part of your growth, not to mention your image. Look at them as your boss: you have to be ready to change and adapt for your super fans, because they are the reason behind your success.

They are also typically the first people to view your videos. On YouTube, early views carry a massive importance. In fact, they can even dictate the entire life of a video on the platform.

Bottom line: ever since 2015 video usage has been growing exponentially, and it’s up to you to take advantage of it! Every business can benefit from a focused and well-implemented video marketing strategy.

Just remember: always stay up to date with what’s going on in the video industry! Implementing a marketing strategy centered on video can be very beneficial to your organization.