Top 10 Halloween Video Ideas for a Perfect Marketing Strategy

Halloween Video Ideas

The perfect marketing strategy has certain qualities to it. Apart from meeting the standards of a demanding consumer-driven world, it is also well-timed and gives audiences a new look. In this article, we’ll provide you with ten Halloween video ideas. You can use any of them to refresh your advertisement campaign with a little Halloween spirit.

1-Halloween Invitations

Hosting a virtual or a real-life Halloween party for customers to attract interest to your business starts with sending out video invitations. Address the invitation to all potential buyers and ask them to participate in the biggest party of the year. You can make a quirky video invitation with the help of your own smartphone, or you can hire one of the online video production platforms like Valoso to create the video for you. This video template shows exactly what you need to aim for:

2-Home Decorating

Halloween video ideas can be used if your business involves construction, interior design or furniture selling, by simply making a home decorating video. Show the audience how unique your products or services are and how they can be used during festive times like Halloween. Let this example from WhatsUpMoms inspire you:

3-Creating Last Minute Costumes

Halloween costumes are the main reason to get excited about trick-or-treating. Whether your company sells sewing machines and sewing accessories, fabrics, clothes or ready-made costumes, you might consider making a how-to video on DIY costumes. That kind of video will wake up your potential clients’ inner child and make them ecstatic about the holidays and eventually your product. Take notes from this video from Brooklyn and Bailey:

4-Makeup Tutorials

Makeup sellers, artists and even toy store owners can profit from makeup tutorial videos before and during the Halloween craze. It would be best to hire a professional makeup artist to show what a little bit of lipstick and eye shadow can do. Also, those of the younger generation will be in search for that kind of video, so don’t miss your chance! Take a look at Madeyewlook Twice’s video to get some motivation:

5-Halloween Party Broadcast

Once you have your makeup, costumes, and the party decorations all set up, it is time to film your party and stream it live. People are eager to know creative new ways to have fun on Halloween. You may be marketing your restaurant, pub, nightclub or a party planning business. Or even any office-based business. It is a great opportunity for viewers to experience the atmosphere first hand and eventually decide to come to your venue.

Halloween Video Ideas

6-Funniest Moments at the Party

Take your Halloween party broadcast video(s) and collect the funniest moments or even bloopers. Not only will you make potential customers smile from ear to ear, but you will also engage them and attract them to your service. Even Ellen uses Halloween mania to get closer to her audience:

7-Halloween Recipes

One of the most effective ways to incorporate Halloween video ideas into your marketing strategy is to create a Halloween treats recipe video. It can serve as a promotional video for your food-related business. You may hire a professional cook or a confectioner to help you make it. It can also be used for kid-related businesses, like daycares or indoor play centers because we all know children love sweets! Amanda Faye created this amazing video with creepy sweets to evoke that Halloween feeling:

8-Company Pranks

You can surprise your employees by playing pranks on them and film that content for later use. Put a few hidden cameras in the office or staff kitchen and scare them with spooky and funny pranks. Those reactions will grant you a curious audience and potential clients.

9-Best Halloween Costume Contest

If your company has the tradition of employees dressing up on Halloween, organize the best costume contest and film it. The video can later be used to show your audience how cool your brand or service is, just like this Toyota dealership did:

10-Reusing Old Halloween Video Ideas

If your company has a tradition of filming videos during Halloween, make a ‘best of’ video using the old clips. Also, you can make use of the old ideas or videos that never came to realization. Therefore, the possibilities are endless.

Promoting Your Halloween Videos

After you have filmed the material you need, it is time to promote it. You may upload the videos to YouTube. Then send the link to your existing customers via email. Then you can share them through all of your social networks. Lastly, don’t forget to incorporate at least one video into your own website.