6 Tips for Creating Video Titles That Go Viral

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Knowing how to create a viral video is impossible unless you have the right title. Do you think “Charlie Bit My Finger” would have been as memorable if it were named “Baby Bites Brother’s Finger.” Viral video titles have to be original, descriptive, and recognizable, not generic. Before trying to figure out how to write viral headlines, it’s important to emulate the best viral videos of our time. Check out these top 10 viral videos on YouTube to study how to make a viral video:

  1. Charlie Bit My Finger
  2. Evolution of Dance
  3. David After Dentist
  4. “Here It Goes Again”
  5. Rickroll
  6. Leave Britney Alone
  7. Don’t Tase Me, Bro
  8. Keyboard Cat
  9. Dramatic Chipmunk
  10. Hitler’s Downfall

Studying viral videos like the ones above is the first step to understanding how to write viral content. Although you shouldn’t copycat those before you, researching viral videos and their titles is imperative to understanding what makes a video go viral. For starters, according to ReelSEO, the average number of words for a YouTube video is only 6.7, and the number of characters is 37.5. Viral videos are also short in length, not just in their titles. Some research shares that 60% of viral videos are under three minutes and almost none exceed 5 minutes.

Your own mind should not be your only resource when it comes to headline writing. You can find several catchy title generators like MozWorthy. Although you shouldn’t stick with every word a viral headlines generator offers you, using them can boost your own creativity. You don’t have to go to a viral video film school to learn how to have success with your video titles. Whether you are wondering how to write a viral song or how to write a headline, checking out the tips below will guarantee you more success.

1. Make it searchable

viral video titles

This means using keywords! Optimizing your video titles for Google and Bing are important to produce organic growth. Viewers searching for content applicable to your topic will not be able to find your video unless you make it easy to find. You can find keywords for your video titles by using tools such as Google.

Example: “6ft Man in 6ft Giant Water Balloon – The Slow Mo Guys” – Here, The Slow Mo Guys use the name of their YouTube channel to optimize this video since their channel is pretty popular.

2. Make it shareable

viral video titles

Do not make a video your audience would be embarrassed to share! Give your videos a title and message that is safe for everyone. Even if your video focuses on a specific audience (for example, pregnant women), you can still make it relevant to all people (e.g., the importance of mothers).

Example: “Love Has No Labels” – This video doesn’t shout something awkward and upsetting like “Stop Judging People Based on Their Sexuality.” It shouts something everyone can connect with: love.

3. Be descriptive

viral video titlesWithout some inventive adjectives, your video titles will appear bland. Using simple descriptors like “stunning,” “epic,” or “hilarious” to will capture your audience and convince them that your video is worth watching. Remember to make the adjective applicable to your target audience.

Example: “Crazy Plastic Ball PRANK!!” – The audience knows they can expect something “crazy” and exciting, not just any ordinary prank video.

4. Inspire curiosity

viral video titles

Typically, you shouldn’t reveal the whole premise in your video title. Leave your audience wondering. Doing so will, obviously, compel more people to click on your video to find out what the title is all about. Without curiosity, no one will be interested in your awesome video!

Example: “Golden boy Calum Scott hits the right note” – Instead of shrugging a shoulder at the video link, the audience is left wondering several things: Who is Calum Scott? What does he sing? What happens in the video?

5. Don’t overcomplicate

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Most often, the best way to brainstorm creative video titles is to use the K.I.S.S. method (Keep It Simple, Stupid!). If you overcomplicate the process too much, your videos titles may become just as entangling for the viewer. While trying to follow the tips in this article, remember to relax and have some fun when formulating your video titles.

Example: “Justin Bieber Carpool Karaoke” –  Although the title limits itself to four words, the name “Justin Bieber” and the exciting idea of “Carpool Karaoke” catches the audience’s attention without making things too complex.

6. Follow up with content

viral video titles

Coming up with the perfect headline does not mean using titles as bait just do get more video views! If you do not use your video to substantiate your title, the viewer pushback will be daunting. Always follow up with some hilarious, inspiring, or fascinating content so your audience will not regret watching your video.

Example:  “Lip Sync Battle with Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon” – With this video, the audience thought they were going to get a lip sync battle with these three celebrities, and what did they end up with? Just that.

How to Make the Most of Your Viral Video Titles

Although low-resolution and terrible sound quality may have spelled success for videos like “Evolution of Dance”  in 2006, 2016 hosts billions of videos and millions of creators you have to compete with. Producing high-quality content is a must, so try checking out Valoso to get you set up with all your video-editing needs. Creating a viral video doesn’t have to be rocket science. Just follow the tips above and head on over to Valoso to get started.