Snapchat Video Marketing Tips: The Next Step to Social Media Success

Snapchat video marketing
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Now is the time to take marketing on Snapchat seriously. As businesses are moving toward modern technology for promotion, Snapchat as a marketing tool is becoming increasingly popular. Snapchat video marketing strategy is the next biggest thing in social media, and it’s time for your business to take a slice of the pie.

Although using Snapchat for marketing may not be as popular as, say, Facebook or LinkedIn, the app is a household name among a variety of audiences. No matter what the niche, no business should overlook marketing Snapchat. Snapchat and marketing are like two peas in a pod, with the Snapchat advertisement options and Snapchat promotions the company has come out with (such as Discover).

Marketing with Snapchat is unique in a lot of ways: the time-sensitive videos offer a sense of urgency that engage the audience with your brand. If you haven’t already, start working on some Snapchat marketing campaigns for your business. You can start by reading the tips below to learn how to use Snapchat for marketing to lead your business to success.

The Statistics Behind Snapchat

Snapchat video marketing
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Doing the research is always important before considering something new for your marketing campaign. So check out this phenomenal data to back up the legitimacy of Snapchat for business marketing. First of all, as of March 2016, Snapchat hosts over 100 million active users and 7 billion videos daily. Better yet, a whopping 60% of 13-34 year olds are Snapchat users, which is a highly desirable target demographic.

Reporters share that “Snapchat is supposed to be about the moment” (link). This almost real-time environment encourages users to interact with your content more. In fact, brands can see 80% Snapchat engagement rates, which is unbelievable compared to other social media apps like Facebook and Twitter. This recent data should convince you that Snapchat is the real deal. Using Snapchat for marketing is a smart move, especially since it is a relatively new strategy.

Why Your Business Should Care

Snapchat video marketing
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Now that you know a SnapChat marketing tool can change your business, it’s time to implement it. The first step is to promote your Snapchat through existing channels. Share your Snapcode (below) and encourage your existing audience to follow you on Snapchat via your business’s other social media accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, etc.) as well as your blog, website, and/or email list.

Platforms like Snapchat are built for friendliness. Utilize the app to show your audience that your business is a friend to the customer, not some imposing or distant office. According to NOW Marketing Group, “Unlike Facebook or Twitter where there is so much content that yours may be overlooked, the content posted on Snapchat is guaranteed to be consumed.” Take advantage of this! Offer behind the scenes footage as well as special coupons, discounts, and offers. Share what your business has to offer, but most of all, add value to the customer!

Snapchat is an essential part of promoting your brand. With the app, you can display your business’s personality and extend the reach of your business. You can snap about a limitless number of things. For example, you can share tips that your niche will find useful, introduce new products, or offer special, Snapchat-only deals. Don’t forget to follow the tips in the next section, as well!

Tips for a Successful Snapchat Video Marketing Campaign

Snapchat video marketing
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  • Use Snapcodes. Snapcodes are like a personalized QR codes that directs the user to access and follow your Snapchat account. You can find your own Snapcode under your profile page on the app. After that, make sure to promote your Snapcode! This is a simple yet effective way to boost your Snapchat video marketing campaign.
  • Use stories. Stories are a great tool for any brand. You can update a story with as many videos or pictures as you like and all of your Snapchat friends will be able to view it. Stories can be used to build up upcoming events in your business, such as launches and conventions.
  • Engage with your followers. Although you may not have time to reply to every user, you can still reply to some. Even try sending out a personalized Snapchat story to address multiple followers. When you engage with your Snapchat friends, you will show them that your business offers community, not just products.

Now that you know the in’s and out’s of Snapchat video marketing, it’s time to get started! If you have no idea where to start when it comes to offering quality videos, don’t worry. Head on over to Valoso to find a friendly video editor marketplace and community for your business to take advantage of. Don’t let anything stop you from having success with Snapchat video marketing. The app is essential to your business’s social media marketing campaign!